Sen Leila De Lima Compares President Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban to EJK Cases in the Philippines

Senator Leila De Lima gave her opinion on the recent order of US President Donald Trump to temporary ban people from seven Muslim countries from entering the United States. According to the Liberal Party (LP) senator, it is a clear indication of violation of human rights. She also compared it to the extra-judicial killings (EJKs) in the Philippines.

“Maliwanag na maliwanag po na labag sa karatang pantao ang desisyon nya (President Trump) na pagbawalan ang mga Muslim na pumasok sa Amerika. Alam kong alam nya na hindi lahat ng Muslim ay terorista. Halatang hindi nya pinag-isipan ng husto ang kanyang iniutos.” Sen. De Lima told reporters in an ambush interview this Sunday, January 29.

“You know what? This is not far from what’s happening here. Alam ng mahal nating pangulo na may nagaganap na patayan ng mga diumanong drug suspects, pero parang ipinagkikibit balikat lang nya.” The neophyte senator added, who is also known for being a staunch critic of President Duterte and President Trump, even before the elections.

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Nevertheless, Sen. De Lima emphasized that there’s nothing wrong with getting rid of international terrorists. However, she noted that there is a better way of eliminating them, and that banning all Muslims from America is not a good option. Last October, she warned that a Trump presidency would make another misogynistic leader, referring to Duterte.

Last Friday, President Trump signed the controversial Muslim travel ban. The executive order denies US entry from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, including those with green cards and are permanent residents of the United States. As a result, hundreds of Americans protested in major airports such as in San Francisco and Dallas.

But despite the protests and criticisms from human rights organizations, Democratic politicians, and several foreign countries, President Trump defended his decision this Saturday, saying that “It’s not a Muslim ban.” In his earlier speech, he said that preventing Muslims from entering the US would help a lot in eliminating terror attacks in the country.



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