Sen Grace Poe’s Son Denies His Limited Edition Nike Air Mag Shoes Costs Nearly P1 Million

Brian Poe-Llamanzares, the only son of 2016 presidentiable, Senator Grace Poe, bought a pair of Limited Edition Nike Air Mag shoes which allegedly costs nearly P1 million. He posted his photo wearing the Nike shoes on his official Instagram page recently, and many netizens criticized him. But Sen. Poe was quick to defend his son, and Brian denied the reported price.

The controversy started when Brian’s Instagram photo was posted at the Ayaw Ko Poe Facebook page, and many netizens questioned his supposed lavishing expenses. Later, a research was made and found out that the said Nike shoes costs US$19,999.99 (or around P950,976) at eBay. The controversy reached the knowledge of Sen. Poe, and defended his son.

“As long as you worked hard for the money, you saved it, you didn’t steal it, and you made sure that you are not spending too much, it’s Ok. It took him some time to save money for that.” Sen. Grace Poe said in a press conference this Friday, February 12, when asked if her son really bought the Nike shoes in question. However, she did not mention how much the said shoes costs.

Nevertheless, she admitted that she is not in favor with her son’s purchase. But because her son was happy, she just let him be. She also requested the public to spare her family from controversy, as the 2016 presidential elections gets closer. Brian, who filed a leave of absence as a reporter at CNN Philippines, deleted the controversial photo. He later issued a statement on the issue.

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Sen Poe son Brian Nike shoes

Credit: Brian Poe-Llamanzares Instagram via Ayaw Ko Poe Facebook; eBay

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“The shoes did not cost as much as the rumors claim it to be. I bought it online at P10,000 from my own savings. It did not come from government funds as I am a private citizen and not working as a public official. I used my own hard earned money. I hope that these rumors and lies are finally put to rest,” Brian Poe-Llamanzares told Rappler in a message.

For the record, the Limited Edition Nike Air Maga is a replica of the shoes that Marty McFly (played by Michael J. Fox) wore in the 1989 hit movie, Back to the Future Part II. It was originally released in 2011 via eBay, but only 1,500 pairs. That time, the price range was between $2,300 and US$9,959, and the proceeds went to The Michael J. Fox Foundation.

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But in 2015, there was a famous online petition requesting Nike Inc, to re-release the futuristic shoes. A self-lacing version of the Nike Mag was later unveiled, and is set to be auctioned at eBay this coming March 20, 2016. The price is not yet known. But yes, we have confirmed that there are pairs of Limited Edition Nike Air Mag at eBay that cost from $15,999.99 to $19,999.99.

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