Sen De Lima ‘Accuses’ Pres Duterte as Top Drug Lord Protector, After Admission to Reinstate Supt Marcos

Senator Leila de Lima ‘accused’ this Saturday, December 3 no less than President Rodrigo Duterte as the number one drug lord protector in the country. This is after the president admitted that he was the one who ordered PNP (Philippine National Police) Chief Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa to reinstate CIDG-8) head, Supt. Marvin Marcos.

“I don’t believe for a single moment Duterte’s cited reason for the reinstatement, that the President himself was hatching a cloak and dagger scheme to further entrap Marcos or his partners in the illegal drug trade. We have had enough of these runaround explanations from Malacañang.” Sen. De Lima said in a statement posted on her official Facebook page.

“And I’m sure there’s a deeper and, possibly, a more sinister reason for the President’s action. Otherwise, why would Gen. Bato go through this charade of pointing to a “kumpadre” instead of just admitting from the start that the President himself ordered the reinstatement? The President’s admission thus brought more questions than answers.” She added.

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“After the Peter Lim episode, where a supposed drug lord kumpadre of the President is allowed to leave the country, we must start asking ourselves this question: whether or not the President, rather than De Lima, is actually the number one drug lord protector and coddler in the country.” The Liberal Party (LP) neophyte senator explained further.

In an interview by Karen Davila via ANC’s Headstart, Gen. Bato dela Rosa said that a higher official ordered him to reinstate Supt. Marcos. Later, Sen. De Lima accused Special Assistant to the President Christopher “Bong” Go of being that ‘higher official, and cited a source. Upon learning about it, both Dela Rosa and Go immediately denied her accusations.

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Credit: Sen. Leila de Lima Facebook

This Friday evening, in a phone interview with CNN Philippines’ Senior Correspondent Ina Andolong, the President Duterte admitted ordering Bong Go the reinstatement of Supt. Marcos. However, he said that the call was passed to Gen. Bato. He said that he was still doing an investigated job on Marcos, and that removing him will lose track of his activities.



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