‘Salisi’ Gang Robs DLSU Student Inside Restaurant, Victim Forgives (Video)

DLSU student robbed inside restaurant Salisi 3

A student of De La Salle University (DLSU) in Manila named Neil Duguran was robbed by 2 members of the so-called ‘Salisi Gang’ while eating inside a restaurant. The incident happened on Wednesday, May 13, 2015, and all the details were captured by the establishment’s CCTV, which you can watch below.

According to Neil on his Facebook page post, his bag contains an ASUS laptop (K55VJ-SX074H which he said worth Php40,000, laptop charger, phone charger, school supplies, and some personal things. The DLSU student said he was lucky that he was able to keep his phones, driver’s license, bank card, and other IDs.

As you can see on the video, the first suspect arrived at the restaurant and walked inside in another area but later decide to sit behind Neil Duguran. You’ll notice that the suspect looks like a college student, and has “school supplies” wrapped inside a plastic. Shortly, he gets his phone and appears to have called someone.

Later, the second suspect arrived and greeted the first suspect. He also looks like a decent college student, and even has a pair of sunglasses on his head. The two suspects talked for a while, and the second suspect sat on the next table. He soon transferred beside his partner, as they both glance at Duguran’s belongings.

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Within seconds, the first suspect was able to get the victim’s blue backpack and immediately passed it to his partner. The ‘Salisi’ gang members stood up and left the place as if nothing happens. Duguran said he is thankful to the DLSU Security Office for helping them, especially in getting a copy of the CCTV video of the incident.

“Always be alert and spot everyone around you wherever you guys are kahit sa restaurant pa yan or other sossy place na you feel safe in wherever whenever. Don’t be like me. I forgot all about that when i was busy eating.” Neil Duguran wrote, who was wearing a black/green shirt on the video and eating lunch with his 2 friends.

“To the 2 who stole my bag, I would never curse you and I would definitely forgive you. Whatever your intentions were, i still believe that you had a purpose. Anyone who can do this would probably be this desperate…. May God bless you.” The DLSU student added, noting that he is not angry at the establishment

“I take full responsibility of what happened. What fueled me to post this is that a LOT of people were already victims of theft in the place and I believe that it is very alarming…Kung walang magrereklamo AT ALL, walang magiging pagbabago.” Duguran said further.

(If no one will complain, nothing will change.)

Neil Duguran did not mention the name of the place, but The Lasallian said the incident happened at Tori Box, along Fidel Reyes Street (more commonly known as Agno) in Malate, Manila. He filed a blotter and the case is now being handled by Malate Police Station. As of posting, the two suspects are still at large.

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