Rude Jollibee Manager Facebook Story Not True, Senior Citizen Customer Clarifies

Jollibee rude manager FB post

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Early this week, a story on Facebook about an alleged rude Jollibee manager went viral. A certain Facebook user name Brian Nairb complained that Renz Lequiron, a manager of Jollibee, was rude to a female senior citizen customer. But later, the “supposed” victim denied the story via letter with her own signature.

According to the Facebook post of Brian Nairb last March 3, the female senior citizen customer who was not in line came over to the counter and asked for macaroni soup. Allegedly, the Jollibee manager who has a name tag of Renz entertained her but in the rude and disrespectful manner.

“Ano pa? Yun lang ba? Umupo ka na padala ko na lang pagkain mo!!!” Brian Nairb wrote, quoting the Jollibee manager. The “concerned citizen” added that the cashier named Roxanne Calangian smiled, giggled, and held herself from laughing aloud when the incident was happening.

(What else? Is that all? Sit down and I let your order be delivered!!!)

“Calling HR of Jollibee..please give this RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL and SARCASTIC MANAGER NAMED RENZ a training that would make him a better person and not a failure to your company. Or might as well give him a punishment so he can learn from his VERY BAD BEHAVIOR,” Brian wrote.

For Filipinos, it is a custom for them to use “po” and “opo” while talking to elderly people. But as Brian claims, the Jollibee manager did not use those words and even talked to the old woman in a sarcastic and rude way. Nairb said she took two photos of Renz which he included in his Facebook post.

But on the same day when Brian posted the story on Facebook, a blogger and radio talk show host of “Mag Internet Tayo” named Arpee Lazaro wrote a blog post, stating that he was allowed to view the CCTV footage of the said incident. He learned that the name of the “victim” is Delia Mabeza from Carmona, Makati City.

It turned out that the “rude” Jollibee manager and the supposed victim of disrespect know each other for quite some time. In fact, Delia Mabeza is a regular customer of Jollibee Chino Roces, where the alleged incident happened. Delia even had a letter dated March 6, clarifying what really happened on March 2.

“When I ordered macaroni soup I was experiencing a sore throat and approached Mr. Renz to make it hot, and he said,” I will personally delivered the soup, Ma’m.” Mabeza wrote on her letter, noting that she regularly eats breakfast, lunch, dinner on the said branch. Delia and Renz have a picture together.

Jollibee rude manager customer letter

“I disagree on his/her allegation on Mr. Renz rude, disrespectful, and sarcastic manager of Jollibee and I believe that Mr. Brian (Mr. or Ms) is just making a bad impression of Jollibee restaurant to destroy his name.” the female senior citizen added, and affixed her signature on the last part of her letter.

Arpee Lazaro added that based on the CCTV video, Brian Nairb is a not a man but a young woman with short hair. She was seen taking photos on Renz and left afterwards, and posted her observation on Facebook the next day. The said Facebook post is now deleted, along with Brian’s Facebook account.

Moral lesson:

People should NOT post a story against someone or a company on social media unless he or she has solid evidence. To all Facebook users, DO NOT believe everything you read online. Instead, use your common sense and make a thorough research before you believe, share, and comment on an issue.

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