Ronnie Dayan’s Wife to Sue Sen Leila de Lima for Concubinage, Gabriela Agrees

The wife of Ronnie Dayan plans to sue Senator Leila de Lima for concubinage. This is after the neophyte senator admitted in an interview by Winnie Monsod that she had a romantic relationship with her driver-bodyguard when was still the Department of Justice (DOJ) secretary. Apparently, women’s rights advocate group Gabriela agrees with the idea.

This Monday, November 14, GMA-7’s ‘Bawal ang Pasaway’ featured Sen. De Lima being interviewed by Mareng Winnie. Here, the troubled senator finally confirms earlier rumors that she had an extramarital relationship with Ronnie Dayan, who is being accused of receiving money from high-profile drug lords jailed inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP).

According to Sen. De Lima, she and Dayan went into dating for a few years, and described their relationship as “frailties of a woman.” She said that she knew that Dayan was married, but was told that they already separated. The LP senator also admitted she gave money to him, but denied paying for his big ‘white’ house in Urbiztondo, Pangasinan.

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In late October, police conducted a raid at Dayan’s house via a search warrant, but found nothing illegal. That time, GMA News reporter John Consulta had a chance to interview, Ronnie Dayan’s wife, Norlyn, whose face was not shown in camera. She said that she will make an action if there is enough evidence to prove that De Lima and Ronnie are lovers.

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Under Article 334 of the Revised Penal Code (RPC) a cheating husband and his mistress can be jointly charged with concubinage if any of the following is present: (1) he keeps his mistress in the house he shares with his wife; or (2) he lives with his mistress in any other place; or (3) he has sexual intercourse with his mistress under scandalous circumstances. On the other hand, adultery is a case against a cheating married women only.

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Meanwhile, Gabriela released a statement on Sen. De Lima’s admission of having a past relationship with Dayan. According to a post on their official Facebook page, “So called “frailties of women” even men or any gender for that matter, can never cited as a defense for crimes, be it adultery, abuse of authority by a public official or drug trafficking.


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“It should not be used–especially by one who holds position of power like Senator Leila de Lima–as an excuse from criminal accountability or to paint herself as a victim.” Gabriela added, apparently agreeing that Dayan’s wife should sue Sen. De Lima. As of posting, a P1-million reward is being offered to anyone who can give details that will lead to his arrest.



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