Richest Presidentiables and Vice Presidentiables in the 2016 Philippine Elections

2016 Presidential candidates SALN

The filing of COC (Certificate of Candidacy) ended this October 16, 2015 for the 2016 Philippine election. So far, there are four notable presidentiables and six vice-presidentiables eyeing for the highest and second-highest position in the government. As a taxpayer, it is our right to know who among them is the current richest candidate and their net worth. Watch the news video below.

Based on their 2014 SALN (Statements of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth), former DILG Secretary Mar Roxas is the richest presidentiable with a declared net worth of P202,080,453. This is nearly nine million lesser than his 2013 declared net worth of P211,027,479.88. He inherited properties and businesses from his late father, former Senator Gerardo Roxas.

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The second-richest presidential candidate is VP Jejomar Binay, with a declared a net worth of P60,250,983 based on his 2014 SALN. This is slightly higher than his 2013 net worth of P60,118,766 and 59,804,934.00 in 2012. In 2014, his declared real properties is worth P13,926,253, personal properties worth 62,375,183 and liabilities worth P16.05 million.

On the other hand, Senator Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. is the richest vice presidential candidate, with a net worth P509,751.142 in his 2014 SALN. This is according to Cuervo Appraisers, a firm which the senator chose. However, a different listing with “tax declaration of real property/acquisition cost” states that Marcos’ net worth is only P200,598,008.22.

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Meanwhile, Leni Robredo, widow of DILG Secretary Jess Robredo and incumbent congresswoman of 3rd district of Camarines Sur, is listed as the 49th “poorest” member of the House of Representatives, with a declared net worth of P8.03 million in her 2014 SALN. This is the slightly lower than the P8.29 million net worth she declared in her 2013 SALN.

Below is net worth of senators Grace Poe, Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Alan Peter Cayetano, Gregorio Honasan II, Francis Chiz’ Escudero, and Antonio Trilllanes IV based on their declared 2014 SALN.

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Senator Grace Poe SALN 2014
Assets: P126,955,615.31
Liabilities: P37,490,795.95
Net worth: P89,464,819.36
2013 SALN Net Worth: P148,949,908.05 (39.94% Decrease)

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago SALN 2014
Assets: P120,133,539
Liabilities: P50,000,000
Net worth: P73,033,539
2013 SALN Net Worth: P76,743,374.76 (4.83% Decrease)

Mayor Rodrigo ‘Rody’ Duterte SALN 2014
Assets: P22,971,732.62
Liabilities: P1 million
Net worth: P21,971,732.62
2013 SALN Net Worth: P21,618,289.73 (P1.35 million increase)

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Vice Presidential Candidates:

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano SALN 2014
Assets P28,346,574
Liabilities: P5,032,034
Net worth: P23,314,540
2013 SALN Net Worth: P21,790,568.00 (6.99% Increase)

Senator Gregorio Honasan II SALN 2014
Assets: P21,225,615.91
Liabilities: 0
Net worth: P21,225,615.91
2013 SALN Net Worth: P20,958,838.00 (1.27% Increase)

Senator Francis Joseph ‘Chiz’ Escudero SALN 2014
Assets: P6,049,082.09
Liabilities: 0
Net worth: P6,049,082.09
2013 SALN Net Worth: P8,243,820.21 (26.62% Decrease)

Senator Antonio Trilllanes IV SALN 2014
Assets: P13,459,000
Liabilities: P7,910.000
Net worth: P5,549,000
2013 SALN Net Worth: P4,912,000.00 (12.97% Increase)

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Filipino voters has four tandems in the 2016 presidential election to choose from: Roxas-Robredo, Poe-Escudero, Binay-Honasan and Santiago-Marcos. Senator Trilllanes, who is running under Nationalista Party, has no presidential candidate but he said he is supporting Senator Grace Poe. Meanwhile, Senator Cayetano is an independent candidate.

Know these candidates better and vote based on your conscience. Vote wisely!

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