Rich Man Insults Coconut Seller, His Response Will Teach You a Lesson (Video)

In some countries, including here in the Philippines, people often bargain prices of commodities in the market and street vendors to save money. But while we think there’s nothing wrong with that, the video below will teach us a very good moral lesson. It shows a rich man insulting a coconut vendor.

As you can see, a rich Indian man asks a coconut vendor about the price of each coconut. The vendor told him it costs 30 rupees (around Php 31). The rich man told the vendor that he is robbing money from the customers, and that he will only buy it for 15 rupees, or half the price.

The poor vendor told the rich man that he could not give it for the price he wants. He explained that vendors like him stand in the heat of the sun just to make money, and that 15 rupees is not reasonable. The rich man did not buy from the street vendor, and even called him a thief before he left.

Twenty minutes later, the rich man passed by the same coconut vendor, this time he was drinking a bottle of soda (soft drinks). The vendor then asked him how much he bought it; the rich man said it costs 35 rupees. The vendor said how come he did not bargain for the price; the rich man said it’s because it’s branded.

“From the rich you didn’t even bargain for one rupee, and from us poor, you bargained for 15, sir.” The vendor told the rich man. The rich man suddenly realized that the vendor is right. The scene ends, but a message on the video is very strong, and will definitely teach us a very good lesson about poverty.

“We bargain with poor vendors standing in hot sun, but we never bargain with rich vendors in malls and restaurants. Why? Money saved by underpaying poor’s hard work never pays, nor stays. Why we complain about poverty, when we are the ones who exploit the poor?” The message reads.

The video is a not real scene, and the men on the video are only actors. Nevertheless, it sends us a very strong message. Here in the Philippines, we are used in asking for bargain (tawad) in almost every item we buy from the market, even in services from umbrella and shoe repair man. This is part of our culture.

Yes, people (especially foreigners) might think that by doing this, we are exploiting our poor street vendors. You see, many vendors are smart. They know that customers will ask for a bargain price, so they will increase the price to make sure they will still earn profit even if they will sell them for a lower price.

But just like in the video, many of our rich people buy from street vendors to save money. And even if you’re that really that rich, isn’t better if we analyze the kind of life of the vendor has before we bargain? After all, the money you will save will not really make you rich, but for the vendors, they can already call it as treasure.

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