Regine Velasquez Gerphil Flores Duet: Reactions Show Immaturity of Some Filipinos (Video)

Regine Gerphil Flores duet

Regine Velasquez and Gerphil Flores had a jaw-dropping duet this Sunday, May 25 at GMA-7’s “Sunday All-Stars” where Regine is one of co-hosts. In case you missed it, you can watch it again on the video below. The two great singers sang “Love Story,” a song performed during the Asia’s Got Talent semi-finals.

Gerphil started the song with her angelic voice, and immediately received a warm welcome of applause from the live audience. Then, Regine sang the next part using her signature voice that has been captivating the hearts of Filipinos since she became the grand champion of “Ang Bagong Kampeon” back in 1984.

As the two great singers continue their duet, Regine and Gerphil showed the Filipino audiences that a pop voice and a classical voice can produce high quality of music. On the last part of their performance, you need to lower the volume of your speaker because they combined their high-pitch voices. The result was magical.

Apparently, not all Filipinos who watched the Regine-Gerphil duet were happy. One YouTube commentator claims that the quality of voice of Gerphil is way better than that of Regine’s. He was confident about his so-called impartial observation that he even apologized to Regine fans because he said it is the truth.

We don’t have any idea about the identity of this commentator, but we respect his decision. However, isn’t immature to compare the quality of voice of a classical crossover singer and a pop singer? Can anyone compare the voice of Julie Andrews and Barbra Streisand and conclude that one is better than the other?

On the other hand, YouTube commentator Ricardo Marcos has similar point of view. Although he said he is not comparing the two singers, he claims that Gerphil is much better than Regine by several miles. He even mocked the Asia’s Songbird, saying that she will not receive a Golden Buzzer if she joined Asia’s Got Talent.

Although he claims to be apologetic about his opinion, saying that Gerphil is a better singer than Regine by several miles is a sign of immaturity, by several thousand miles. And contrary to his belief, we honestly believe that Regine can still receive a Golden Buzzer from David Foster, 30 years ago and until now.

Regine Gerphil Flores duet comment

At 45, Regine admitted she does not have the same quality of voice she has 20 years ago. The Asia’s Songbird was the special guest at Ryzza Mae Show last January 29, where she said giving birth to her son, Nathaniel has affected her singing voice. But it doesn’t mean she cannot earn a Golden Buzzer anymore.

On the other hand, a YouTube commentator believes that the idea of Regine-Gerphil duet is a f@cked up. He mentioned the same F-word again to describe the arrangement of combining classical and pop music. And yes, a certain Lorena Deligero agrees with him. Well, these two music geniuses need an ENT doctor.

Here at TN, we believe that there are many other Filipinos like the YouTube commentators mentioned above. For the longest time, we haven’t heard an opera singer who can attract the masses. Instead, many of us spend hefty concert tickets watching trying-hard singers and stars who make money by insulting people.

We think that it’s about time to uplift the quality of music in our country. While it is not really a bad idea to cover songs and sing novelty songs, we believe that if we really want to be competitive globally, we must wholeheartedly support world-class singers like Regine Velasquez and Gerphil Flores, instead of comparing them.

Lastly, isn’t time for Filipino audience to learn to give a standing ovation every time they witness a very rare high quality of performance such as this one?

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