Rappler Apologizes to Mar Roxas for Putting his Laglag Bala Comments out of Context (Video)

Local news website Rappler apologized to former DILG secretary and LP presidential candidate Mar Roxas over a misleading report on the controversial Laglag Bala (bullet-planting) scheme at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). The site is referring to Roxas’ comment when they asked him who’s responsible for the laglag bala. Watch video below.

The news report, published on Wednesday, November 4 bears the title, “Roxas on Laglag-bala: Bullet Carrier has to Take Responsibility.” The statement of Roxas, “Kung nagpasok ka ng contraband sa airport, paano naging problema ng gobyerno ’yun?” (If you bring contraband as you enter the airport, how does it become the problem of the government?) reads as the sub-headline.

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That time, Roxas was in Isabela province to have a meeting with his supporters. During the ambush interview along with other news outlets, the presidentiable emphasized that the government is doing its task in implementing the law against bringing contraband inside the country, and that all those people responsible in such acts should be punished accordingly.

A sub-headline in the middle of the news report reads, ‘Not the government’s fault’ which appears that Roxas is defending the Aquino government over the laglag bala issue, and that the passengers themselves should take responsibility once they were caught bringing bullets inside the NAIA. Apparently, tons of netizens got angry at Roxas and criticized his comments.

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According to Rappler’s statement this Friday on Facebook, they said that their instaquote about Mar Roxas’ statement could be misinterpreted. They acknowledged their mistake and apologized to Mar Roxas and to their readers. In addition, they said they created new guidelines in reporting sensitive issues and vowed to continue following the standards of balance journalism.

“Rappler apologizes to Mar Roxas and the public we serve. The quote we chose didn’t fully represent his (Mar Roxas) position on a sensitive issue. We’ll strengthen our internal measures to make sure this doesn’t happen again.” Rappler said in a statement about this issue, and later posted the full context on their interview with Mar Roxas.

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Rappler sorry Mar Roxas

Credit: Rappler Facebook

This Thursday, November 5, Rappler published a news report titled, ‘Roxas on laglag-bala scheme: ‘Syndicates must pay’ where the presidentiable clarified his earlier statement on the issue. Here, he condemned the people who are behind this bullet-planting activities and are victimizing Filipinos, especially the OFWs. This issue is still under thorough investigation.

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