President Duterte’s Request to Appoint Freddie Aguilar as NCCA Head Denied, Here’s Why

Duterte Freddie Aguilar NCCA head

Legendary folk singer Freddie Aguilar cannot be the NCCA (National Commission for Culture and the Arts) head. This is despite the fact the President Rodrigo Duterte wants him for that position. This is because there is an existing protocol or election process that should be followed, and no one could not be just appointed even by the president himself.

“The position of NCCA chairman is not appointive, according to Republic Act 7356. The chairman is elected by the Board of Commissioners.” NCCA Chairman Felipe de Leon told BusinessWorld via a text message. Under Republic Act No. 7356, the main task of this policy making body is to maintain, preserve, and promote Philippine arts and culture.

“There are four levels of elections — general assembly, committee membership, committee chairmanship, and head of a subcommission — before you can be a member of the Board, who will then elect its Chair. The committee members are fiercely independent artists and cultural workers who will always like to choose their own leaders.” De Leon added.

Ka Freddie Aguilar earlier revealed that he was offered to be the NCCA head. According to him, the offer was made after he requested President Duterte to create a department of culture and the arts. The ‘Anak’ singer clarified that it was Christopher “Bong” Go (Duterte’s executive assistant) who called him, and that he did not ask for that position.

Aguilar, who composed and sang ““Duterte, Tunay na Pagbabago” as Duterte’s presidential campaign song, recently made a suggestion about the controversial DMCI’s Torre de Manila, which is being dubbed as the national photobomber because it seems to ruin the background when taking photos of the Jose Rizal monument in Luneta.

In an interview with Ed Lingao of News5 Everywhere, Freddie Aguilar said, “Kung ako po ang masusunod, ito po ay personal na opinyon ko lang po. Para wala nang gulo, pagpapalitin ko po yung puwesto ng kalabaw tsaka ni Rizal. Ganun lang po ka-simple. Para si Rizal sa atin, hindi nakaharap sa malayo, at ‘yung kalabaw po yung nakaharap sa malayo.”



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