Presenting Facegloria, the ‘Sin-free’ Social Network Alternative to Facebook

Facegloria sin free Facebook

As a regular Facebook user, you are probably sick and tired of all the non-friendly content you see everyday, not to mention pornography, violence, bullying, swearing, among others. But don’t worry, an Evangelical group in Brazil has now a solution for that – Facegloria, the so-called ‘sin-free’ social network free for everyone, just like Facebook.

Officially launched last June 4, has already more than 100,000 registered users so far, and has been featured in various international news outlets. This ‘holy’ social network from Brazil has a very strict set of posting rules. In fact, it has banned 600 words, which means you cannot type them no matter how hard you try.

Facegloria was created by a group of evangelical Christians, including web designer Atilla Barros and Acir dos Santos, the mayor of Ferraz de Vasconcelos, a municipality in Sao Paulo. The said mayor reportedly invested $16,000 for this project. By the way, Brazil has the biggest Roman Catholic population in the world.

One very interesting feature of Facegloria is that users don’t use ‘Like’ button; instead they are being offered an ‘Amen’ button. Well, this is good news for Faceboook users who usually post religious messages, and photos of sick babies and freak accidents. They don’t have to invite their friends to type ‘Amen’ anymore.

But despite being a Christian-based social network, everyone can join Facegloria, including Muslims and atheists. In short, it does not discriminate anyone, except that LGBT members cannot post their romantic photos and other gay content. This sin-free version of Facebook has a wide number of trained volunteers, watching each post.

As posting, Facegloria is currently available in Portuguese, but creators say English will be available very soon. And as you can see, the format and style is very much similar to Facebook, as well as the iconic blue color. In short, Facebook users can easily adopt its features. Creators also plan to offer a mobile app version.

But while Facegloria appears to be ‘better alternative’ to Facebook, the giant social network seems to be first one to be unhappy with it. According to a recent report at, a Brazilian news site, Facebook is suing Facegloria creators for ‘misuse of domain name.’ and ‘partial reproduction.’ The said lawsuit was filed last July 1.

As of positing, Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg have not yet released any official statement about this issue. On the other hand, Facegloria creators vowed that they will continue to promote ‘morality’ in social networking, adding that they have now users from 50 countries around the world, including US, UK, India, and Japan.

So, do you think Facegloria will also invade the Philippines and will be a ‘better’ Facebook for Filipinos? 🙂

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