Pinoy Scholar Co-Invents FoPo Food Powder to Help Solve World Hunger

FoPo co founder Gerald Perry Marin

FoPo Food Powder co-founder Gerald Marin during CNN Philippines interview

Meet Gerald Perry Marin, the Filipino scholar who now plays a very important role in a humanitarian mission – to help solve the problem of world hunger by using expiring fruits and vegetables. Presenting, the FoPo Food Powder! This amazing invention is designed the extent the shelf life of our daily food we eat.

In reality, expiring food and vegetables are harmful to eat. This is because of the bacteria that causes the spoilage, and we all know that water is the best friend of bacteria. And based on records, more than 40% of fruit and vegetables are being spoiled. But if there’s a way to keep the food dry, then it is saved from being spoiled.

Apparently, this is what a team of food research experts is trying to do. Their FoPo Food Powder project is designed to extend the life of fruit and vegetables from 2 weeks to 2 years! You could just imagine how it can help save food to help solve world hunger problem. And yes, this product maintains the nutrients of the food.

Gerald Perry Marin is a serial entrepreneur and has been involved in food businesses since he was 19. He is the co-founder of FoPo Food Powder project, along with Kent Ngo from Sweden. The other team members are Erliza Cabisidan, also from the Philippines, Vita Jarolimkova from the Czech Republic, and Ada Balazy from Poland.

Last February, the FoPo team won the runner-up prize of $,5000 seed funding at the Thought For Food Challenge held in Lisbon, Portugal. Since then, they have been featured in major news reports and has been attracting followers and food business owners. The team will test their product here in the Philippines this month.

FoPo Food Powder

Credit: FoPo Food Powder Kickstarter Campaign

FoPo co-founder Kent Ngo recently started a Kickstarter campaign to invite volunteers, food bloggers, donors and investors. As of posting, the pledge has reached to KR190,414 (around P1,012, 202), or around 106% of their target pledge of KR180,000 (around P956,520). Nevertheless, you can still help until Friday, July 10, 2015.

So far, 26 local supermarkets have pledged to work the FoPo team, 10 market stores plan to donate their expiring fruits and vegetables, and 3 major universities have offered the laboratory services for free to test their product. The FoPo Food Powder currently costs P540/20-gram pack, and is being sold in the Philippines and Sweden only.

Here at TN, we admire Pinoys who use their skills in helping solve one of the biggest problems of mankind. As we all know, Philippines has its own share of hunger problem. We hope that more investors and organizations will support this very useful product. We also hope that the national government will support them.

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