Pinoy Invention Organic Solution Now Helping Boracay Waste Management

Boracay garbage

Credit: Dr. Andy Nazarechuk

Boracay is still one the famous tourist spots in the world, despite slowly being becoming a huge dump site. And although it is now paying the price of development, it is the still the people’s responsibility to keep it clean. Thanks to the Filipino invention organic solution, which reduces the foul odor of garbage in Boracay.

This white powder, which was developed by Dr. Merlinda Palencia of Adamson University, is made up of organic minerals, and cost only P120 per kilogram. After being mixed with water, the organic material in this low-cost solution does not only reduce smell of waste material, but also moderates the growth of harmful bacteria in it.

Dubbed as Eco-Sep (ecology-friendly septic), this Pinoy invention waste water treatment system is very much applicable to condominiums, housing projects, hotels, resorts, and disaster areas. As a matter of fact, it was initially used to improve sanitation at rehabilitation centers in Tacloban, when it was affected by typhoon Yolanda.

Through the P4.5 million funds by the the Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (PCIEERD), this organic solution is now being used as an effective tool in Boracay waste management program. In fact, it was also used during the meeting of APEC senior officials in Boracay last May.

The PCIEERD, wherein Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Assistant Secretary Dr. Rowena Cristina Guevara serves as Executive Director, emphasized that this Pinoy invention is cheaper and more effective than other chemicals, adding that it is a significant substitute that serves as an answer to the waste problem in Boracay.

This Eco-Sep system is currently being used in three major dump sites in Boracay for its pilot installation. Nevertheless, some businesses in Bora are also using it. And because it is a portable movable waste water treatment system, Dr. Palencia said that her invention is not only applicable in business establishments, but to households as well.

We have heard tons of sad stories of Pinoy inventions being sold to foreign countries due to lack of money and support from the government. So, we are happy to hear that the DOST gave a chance to Palencia’s invention. Now, we can expect more people to visit Boracay. We just hope that other local inventors will also be noticed.

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