Pinay Teenager Dies of Electrocution Using Cellphone While Charging (News Video)

A Pinay teenager was reportedly electrocuted and eventually died after using her cellphone while charging. According to GMA News, the victim was 13-year old student, Judy Anne Ajorro of Sipocot, Camarines Sur. Her parents said they found her body lying on the floor, with her cellphone glued to her face and her lips and cheek burnt. Watch the news video below.

The victim’s mother said that the cable of the cellphone charger was cut and was only repaired so that it can still be used. The video showed the burnt cellphone and charger. And although the cellphone brand was not mentioned, it appears be a simple cellphone and not a smartphone. There was also no mention of police report confirming the girl’s cause of death.

Apparently, there are reports that some people were allegedly electrocuted while using a charging phone. Back in 2013, a Chinese flight attendant named Ma Ailun was electrocuted and died while using her iPhone 5 while it was charging. Reports said she was not using an original Apple charger. Apple then apologized, adding that they will investigate the matter.

There was also a Facebook post in 2014 that went viral, advising everyone not to use a charging phone when the battery is very low because its radiation is 1,000 times stronger. That time, a boy from India reportedly died of sudden vibration to his heart and his hand got burned. But can someone really die of electrocution for using a phone while being charged?

We all know that the usual voltage output of phone chargers is 5 Volts, which is very unlikely to electrocute (or even severely harm) a person. However, a substandard (low quality) or counterfeit cellphone battery may pose danger once it explodes when in use. An electric current of more than 2,000mA (0.2A) is noted to be dangerous once it passes through the heart.

So far, none of the earlier injuries and deaths were proven to be caused by using cellphone while charging. But still, we at TN don’t recommend doing so. First, charging while using will take longer than the recommended charging time, and therefore may cause the battery to swell and be damaged. Second, it can heat up your phone and your battery might explode.