Pinay Singer Alexis Calipusan Sounds Like Justin Bieber, Sings ‘Baby’ (Video)

Pinay singer Alexis Calipusan Justin Bieber sounds alike

We all know million of girls are dying to watch the concerts of Justin Bieber, especially during his younger years. And because of his enormous popularity, a lot of aspiring singers try to sing like him. But on the video below, a Filipina young singer sounds like Justin Bieber as she sings “Baby.”

Meet 18-year-old Alexis Calipusan from the Philippines. Her video has been featured in various entertainment websites and at Huffington Post as well. And why not? If you close your eyes while playing the video, the Pinay singer really sounds like Justin Bieber while singing an acoustic version of “Baby.”

With her friend Cyril Cailing playing guitar, Alexis mimics Justin Bieber’s voice with flying colors. Although it was not mentioned where the duo performed, it’s obvious that they were guests on an Asian TV show. At one point, the hosts can be seen on the camera and the male host could not help but dance along with the music.

But if you think this is the only video of Alexis Calipusan, you’re absolutely wrong. A self-confessed Belieber since 2009, this Justin Bieber voice-alike Pinay singer from Bohol also covered “U Smile,” “One Less Lonely Girl, “Never Let You Go,” “One Time,” and many more, via their YouTube channel, Jam C.

And recently, Alexis and Cyril made a very awesome version of Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud,” but of course, with a Justin Bieber voice. But while all the Jam C YouTube videos are getting mostly positive comments, it’s the “Baby” cover that is truly attracting viewers.

No wonder, a lot of commentators are saying, “Paging Ellen DeGeneres!” 🙂

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