Pinay Nurse Story Yolanda Experience with Mayor Rody Duterte and Mar Roxas Not True?

Pinay nurse Lucy Meg Quinit

The My Duterte Story shared by a supposed Pinay nurse from Canada on her experience during the Yolanda relief effort seems to be not true. This is after her photo was found in a website, and her real identity was revealed. And although the Filipins nurse has participated in community support, it appears that she has never been to Tacloban.

Last week, we published a My Duterte Story we found on Facebook. The story was said to be written by an unidentified Pinay nurse from Calgary, Canada. According to the post, she volunteered to be among the Filipina nurses to help the victims of Typhoon Yolanda in 2013. She also shared her experience during the relief effort.

The Facebook post mentioned that they were instructed to give the goods directly to the victims, and that no Philippine government should touch them. However, some DSWD staff went to their tents and asked for their goods, and allegedly replaced the he branded medicines with local brands. This made their Canadian leader angry.

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Later, their Canadian leader purportedly noticed an old man helping the victims. It was later learned that the old man is Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte. The same Canadian leader allegedly got furious when he saw then-DILG Secretary Mar Roxas just giving instructions and eat delicious meals. You can read the Full Story Here.

And because the face of the Pinay nurse has been covered, a post at Fight For Mar revealed her identity through a 2014 post at, a news source for Dickinson and other parts in southwest North Dakota. The news has the same photo of the Pinay nurse in the Facebook post, but this time her face has no cover.

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The Pinay nurse was identified as Lucy Meg Quinit from Cebu City. But unlike in the Facebook post where she was said to be a nurse from Canada, Quinit is a nurse of Trinity Health, a non-profit healthcare provider in Minot, North Dakota. That time, she was one of the 86 nurses from the Philippines who were recruited to work in Minot. There was also no mention that she volunteered to go to Tacloban in 2013 to help Yolanda victims.

Nevertheless, the Fight For Mar post noted that it is not only the Pinay nurse that was false, it was also the supposed activities of Mar Roxas during the Typhoon relief effort. The post said that Roxas he has been very busy, and.ate the same food everyone ate. In addition, Roxas was said to have no tent of his own, contrary to the earlier claim.

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As of posting, Lucy Meg Quinit and the camp of Mayor Duterte have no official comment on this issue. Nevertheless, many Roxas supporters believe that the story of the Pinay nurse is a black propaganda against the LP presidentiable, and was made only to destroy the reputation of Mar Roxas, who was heavily criticized over Yolanda.

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