Pinay Allegedly Sexually Harassed by UPLB Foreign Student, Suspect Set to Leave Soon

UPLB campus

A Pinay said she was sexually harassed by a foreign student of University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) last November. But besides the agony, the victim posted on her Facebook page her sad experience in front of the hearing committee, adding that the suspect is set to leave the country soon. Below is the screenshot of her Facebook post, explaining what happened.

Taho News contacted Jing Paz, who provided us more details about her ordeal. According to her, the incident happened inside the kitchen of SEARCA Residence Hotel in Los Baños, Laguna, shortly passed midnight of November 16, 2014. Apparently, it has been nearly 11 months now after the incident, but she said her case has not yet been solved and the suspect is still free.

Paz said she filed a case in the UPLB Gender Center the same month, and that there have been two committee hearings. The victim said she was alone during the first hearing, noting that the committee shouted her at her and allegedly blamed her. She said she was asked if she will move out from UPLB community because her offender has no other place to stay.

On their second meeting which happened this January, she said a certain Dr. Cardenas asked her to re-enact the scene. Jing Paz also fears that her attacker is set to leave the Philippines this month, October and may even graduate from the university. She emphasized to us that this is not the first time that the suspect has verbally harassed her.

Paz also gave us the name of the suspect, but we decided not to published it. According to her, the foreign student is from Laos, and changed his name to Laos alphabet. This is probably why we cannot find his name anywhere in the Internet. She added that the culprit has also harassed another Filipina, who served as a witness during the trial.

Pinay UPLB foreign student sexually assault Facebook post

Credit: Jing Paz Facebook

UPLB foreign student sexually assault FB PMUPLB foreign student sexually assault FB PM 2

Jing Paz PM to Taho News

TN already forwarded her side of the story to GMA News reporter, and we hope that they will contact Jing Paz or the UPLB Gender Center immediately so they can help solve the case. We also suggested to her to relate her ordeal to Gabriela, as well as other news networks. We hope that her case will be properly investigated and that the foreigner be punished, if proven guilty.

Special thanks to a concerned netizen who informed us about her Facebook post.

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