Physics Student Uses Math Equation to Know the Best Place for WiFi Router at Home

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Getting the perfect WiFi signal at home can sometimes be frustrating. But thanks to Jason Cole, a PhD physics student at the John Adams Institute at Imperial College London. Now, you can easily find the best location for your router at home. And yes, the nerd student used a mathematical equation to prove claim.

In his in-depth explanation on his blog post, Cole said he used the Helmholtz equation to determine where he should place his wireless router in his apartment. For those people who hate math at is finest, Helmholtz equation is being used to map electromagnetic fields such the ones being propagated by WiFi routers.

Without detailing his lengthy mathematical solution, the whiz kid did some trial-and-error experiments and initially placed his router in one corner of his room. Although the result was quite good, Cole said that there were some noticeable black spots especially when a phone conversation dropped or any similar incident.

Then, Jason placed the router in his kitchen. According to him, the signal reception was good except in the bedrooms. But when he tried placing it at the center of his apartment, the WiFi signal was at its best even inside the bathroom. He therefore suggested that routers should be placed at the middle of the house.

Wi-Fi router signal map midde of home

Credit: Jason Cole

“It’s quite surprising that the final results should be so sensitive, but given we’re performing a matrix inversion in the solution, the field strength at every position depends on the field strength at every other position.” Jason Cole wrote as an updated on his blog post.

Based on his experiment, the young British physicist also concluded that doors, corners, and doors are great obstacles in receiving the optimum WiFi signal strength. Metal objects should not be placed near the router, as they dissipate electromagnetic energy; this is why kitchen is not the best place for routers.

In addition, microwave ovens and similar home appliances that operate around the same frequency can also slow down Internet connection. This is because some radiation can escape from the microwave oven and can affect the WiFi signal. If you are living in a 2-storey house, setting the WiFi antenna is a better option.

Well, it appears that you only need to use your common sense to tell you that the center of your house is the best location for your Wi-Fi router. But sometimes, we need math and physics to prove it. After all, that’s what these tough subjects are for.

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