Philippines Named Friendliest Country and Most Disciplined Users on Facebook

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Philippines is known to be the friendliest, if not, one of the friendliest countries in the world, based on surveys on expats visiting the country. But Filipinos should be happier than ever. This is because they have been named as the friendliest people on Facebook, and the most disciplined users as compared to others.

For the first time, Facebook patiently took time to consolidate the data from all users around the world. And yes, Philippines landed as the friendliest country among them all. Although Filipinos are not really the main users of Facebook, its 34 million active users as of January 2014 are enough to make a difference.

“With Facebook still being the most visited website in the Philippines, it’s not surprising that the great characteristics of Filipinos in the real world are also being felt in the social network.” Facebook Ethics Consultant Dick Nomore wrote on a post at Facebook newsroom on Wednesday, April 1, 2015.

“We released this data to promote friendship among all our users. We believe that through Facebook, families and friends are not only connected but also strangers who like to know more about people who are on the other side of the earth.” Mr. Nomore added, commending the ‘proud to be Pinoy’ quote.

Facebook used the percentage of active users through IP address as been the main source of their data. This is because the social network knows that a lot of users use fake details on their accounts. All the activities from February 2013 to February 2015 were collected in terms of number of clicks, not content.

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The social network considers that not all the comments on wall posts are friendly in nature, but it will be hard to track and will be against users’ privacy. Facebook said it relied on the complaints submitted to them through the Report link, in which they included as part of the judging process.

As you can see on the graph, Philippines leads in all of the main activities on Facebook. For Friends, Filipinos are known to be adding new friends and accepting ‘friend requests’ even without investigating first if those accounts use real identities or not. This is very common to singles, students, and teens.

Facebook also acknowledged that they are some stubborn Filipino users who post inappropriate content, but said that they are very few as compared to other nationalities. Cyberbullying and ridiculous rants are also present on Facebook, but Filipinos are kind and practice good sportsmanship in any kind of competition.

In January 2015, a Singapore government hospital fired a Filipino nurse named Ed Bello, who posted offensive remarks to Singaporeans. Nevertheless, Facebook noted that other nationalities also do it and even worse than what he did. Pinoys can easily take jokes (not “pikon”), and have no crab mentality culture at all.

In the Philippines, only few Facebook users insult personalities particularly politicians. They don’t blame the government, but rather support every administration. They respect each other’s opinions and belief. In addition, Filipinos are law abiding citizens and religiously follow the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 (or RA 10175).

Lastly, the social network stressed out that anyone who feels uncomfortable with the posts, photos and videos should report it to them. Users are also strongly advised to think five times and do a research first before they believe, Like, and Share anything they see on Facebook, in which many Filipinos always do.

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