Philippines Declares Chris Brown Persona Non Grata After No-Show at New Year’s Eve Concert

Chris Brown concert

The Philippines has declared Chris Brown as persona non grata, after the controversial American singer not show up as the final act for the 2015 New Year countdown at the Philippine Arena. According to the organizers, Chris Brown lost his passport the day before the scheduled concert.

“In behalf of the Filipino people and the dismayed fans of Chris Brown, the government declared him as persona non grata indefinitely.” Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma told reporters when asked if President Noynoy Aquino knew about the issue.

“This means he is not welcome to perform anywhere inside our country and will not be allowed to even enter in any local airport. We believe that his reason for failing to perform is not valid and can be considered as an irresponsible act.” Coloma added, without giving further details.

On his part, Chris Brown took Twitter to apologize to his Filipino fans for the incident.

‘#TeamBreezyManila Due to unfortunate circumstances I can’t bring in the New Year with you…Too bad since the Philippines Arena is one of the best arenas in the world! Stay tuned Team Breezy!!!!” I’ll see you in spring.” Chris Brown @chrisbrown) tweeted on Wednesday afternoon, local time.

In line with this, the concert organizers, Maligaya Development Corp (MDC)., said they were informed by the local representatives of Chris Brown on Wednesday afternoon that the 25-year old singer was still in Los Angeles because his passport got lost. During the announcement of the performers that night, his name was not mentioned.

Nevertheless, there was no mention beforehand that Brown will not be present. The frustrated fans kept waiting until a video of him appeared on the screen apologizing for not coming, saying that he lost his passport. Right after the event, many concert goers started to ask if there will be a refund.

Shortly after, tons of upset audience could not help but to voice out their sentiments of the cancellation of Chris Brown’s appearance in the 2015 Philippine Arena New Year concert. Apparently, many of them came over to the country are tourists from different part of the world just to see the “Don’t Judge Me” singer.

On the other hand, tons of local netizens don’t believe that the real reason why Chris Brown failed to come is because he lost his passport. In fact, many of them suggest that he should be declared persona non grata in the Philippines forever.

“He deserves it. No one will believe his excuses. In the first place, Chris Brown should not be invited because of his bad image. He is a bad influence to the Filipino youth.” Ralph Lorenzada (@ralphlorenzada) tweeted.

Despite being a huge hitmaker and has received various awards including that from the Grammy Awards, American Music Awards and BET Awards, Chris Brown has been involved in various controversies. The most famous one is the felony assault of his then-girlfriend, singer Rihanna in 2009. The following year, the UK government denied his visa to enter the country.

As of posting, the MDC and Pinnacle Live Concepts, the local agency that is in charge of bringing Chris Brown to the country have not yet released any formal announcement regarding the refund. Ticket prices cost up to P3,605 (around $80.4).



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