Personality Test: The Shape of Your Fingernails Could Help You Predict Your Future

Shape of fingers personality test

People have different shapes and sizes of fingernails. Although you might not care on how your fingernails look like, they are believed to have a strong connection with your personality and eventually could predict your future. Below are the 9 different fingernail shapes and their meaning, according to a Chinese belief.

Vertical long fingernails

You are a creative individual, and have a very strong imagination. You tend to watch every detail but this attitude can cause trouble when dealing with logical left-brained type of person. Although you can easily get along with people, you can easily get overwhelmed by your surroundings, which is somehow dangerous.

Broad sideways fingernails

You are straightforward, and can immediately say what you want. This makes you somehow who can depend on when it comes to giving advice and honest feedback. However, you are impatient and tend to lose patience easily. And because of this, you might have problems dealing with emotional right-brained people.

Rounded and egg-shaped fingernails

You are sociable, happy-go-lucky, and someone who doesn’t want to follow the crowd. Many people like you because you can easily act as a mediator in an argument. But because you are very friendly, some people might take advantage of you. So be very careful, study the people before you get closer to them.

Square-typed fingernails

You have a very strong personality and always willing to take risks. With your admirable perseverance in doing things, you can be a great leader someday. On the other hand, you are unlikely to listen to others and less flexible. You are also hard-headed and careless, and tend to go on your way whenever you want.

Triangular and inverted triangle fingernails

No, it doesn’t mean you’re an iluminati member. Instead, it is a sign that you are a very bright person and always have fresh ideas. This skill can makes you move faster than others, even on competition. An upright triangle means you are overly sensitive, while inverted triangle means you are a little pushy to everything.

Almond-shaped fingernails

Many people like you because of your honesty, faithfulness, and sincerity. You are also polite and very courteous. In addition, you are very tough in handling difficult situations. But on top of that, you have a low tolerance and easily lose your temper. Therefore, you need to cool yourself for a while during a discussion.

Sword-shaped fingernails

You are very hardworking and a goal-oriented individual. You are always willing to step out of your comfort zone just to reach your dreams. However, you love working by yourself instead of joining a team. This is because you easily get upset when you feel that other people are too relax and don’t work hard like you do.

This fingernail personality test may not always be accurate, but you can use this as a guide in your daily life. There’s nothing wrong with checking the shape of your fingernails, but it would be better if you also check yourself in the mirror. Ask yourself what you can and should do that can help you shape your future.

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