People Like President Duterte Who Usually Curse Tend to be Intelligent Speakers, Study Says

A lot of people hate President Rodrigo Duterte when he curses and uses bad words in his speeches, especially when he “swear” at US President Barack Obama, EU (European Union) and Pope Francis. However, a recent study suggests that people like President Duterte tend to be more intelligent and smarter speakers than those who don’t curse.

According to a recent study led by Psychologists Kristin Jay and Timothy Jay of Marist College and the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, people who could name the most swear words faster tend to have a richer vocabulary of words than those who don’t. Apparently, this is contrary to the theory that people who curse a lot are lazy and lack education.

To support their hypothesis, the team conducted three experiments – the first one involved 43 participants (30 of them are women) aged 18-22 years; the second one involved another 49 participants (34 of them are women) aged 18 and 22; while the third experiment involved 126 college students (86 of them are women aged 18–38 years.

The first group of participants were asked to name as many swear words as they could in 60 seconds. Later, they were asked to recite as many animal names as they could also in 60 seconds. On the other hand, the second group of participants were asked to do the similar test. But this time, they have to write the words until they were told to stop.

For the third experiment, the 126 participants were asked to do the same procedures of that of the second experiment only with some addition questions related to their personality. Among the questions asked include “How religious are you?,” “How often do you say swear words?,” and “How offended are you by others’ use of swear words?”

Interestingly, the summary result of all the experiments suggested that the ability to generate cursing words is positively correlated with other measures of verbal fluency, regardless and age and gender. Likewise, speakers who use swear words tend to understand more their general expressive content, and therefore showing signs of high IQ.

But while Filipinos are somehow now getting used in hearing President Duterte curse, it does not follow that anyone should curse any time he likes. First of all, cursing in front of young children is like telling them that it’s alright to curse. Second, you would not curse during a job interview. And third, you will not curse at the girl you are courting, will you?