Pastillas Girl Apologizes to Original Pastillas Girl for Copying Hugot Pastillas Recipe

Pastillas Girl Its Showtime

If you are still a loyal fan of It’s Showtime despite the unstoppable phenomenal AlDub Kalyeserye, then you already know Angelica Jane Yap, aka Pastillas Girl from Quezon City. The 21-year old broken-hearted girl rose to fame when her so-called hugot pastillias recipe video went viral. But later, she apologized to the original Pastillas Girl for copying her recipe.

Last Friday, Angelica Jane Yap made as guest appearance at It’s Showtime and asked advice from ‘Madam Bertud’ (Vice Ganda). Based on her viral video, her boyfriend left her for another girl. Since then, a search for Pastillas Boy is now going on via the ABS-CBN noontime show. And yes, there are now applicants including Jess Verano Senido from Bacolod.

But before that, netizens found out that the script of the Yap’s Pastillas recipe video is not the original version. It turned out that the original recipe was written by a certain Meil Francisco from Manila. Upon learning this, Angelica apologized to Meil, but said she never claimed that she was the one who wrote the recipe, and that she only made a video out of it.

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“Sorry if hindi ko nalagyan ng credits. I don’t want issues po. Never ko naman na-claim na akin yung recipe Ate. I even shared the photo but it wasn’t from your account kasi marami ding nag-share. Sorry for this. Guys it was all from her. Napagkatuwaan lang gawan ng video. Give all the credits to her. It is a very nice recipe which made all this viral.”

Pastillas girl sorry copy recipe original

However, it appears that the original pastillas recipe was made by a man named Benedict Driehenne Sanchez Garcia from Makati City. In fact, he even criticized Angelica Jane Yap for not giving credits to him as the originator and that she did not give justice to the script. Garcia added that the original script doesn’t contain cursing and that it has 3 ingredients and not two.

On his latest Facebook update, Garcia said that he and Meil Francisco have already talked. Apparently, Meil is accusing Benedict for editing the pastillas recipe and insisted that she is the originator. A screenshot of Garcia’s writing dated January 27, 2014 is now going viral on Facebook, and he is also insisting that Meil was the one who copied his recipe.

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Original Pastillas girl vs Pastillas recipe maker

Speaking of copying ideas, many Filipinos believe that ‘It’s Showtime’ is copying the concept of Eat Bulaga’s AlDub Kalyeserye. And although the story of Pastillas Girl and Yaya Dub are both about love, Pastillas Girl is searching for his Pastillas Boy while Yaya Dub accidentally found love through Alden Richards, which makes AlDub more exciting and natural.

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In addition, many Filipinos still believe that AlDub has more ‘kilig’ moments than Pastillas Girl and is giving lessons in life . Earlier, It’s Showtime hosts Vice Ganda, Anne Curtis and Jhong Hilario about AlDub and said that there is a healthy competition between Eat Bulaga and their show. But the question is, can Pastillas Girl beat AlDub?

Incidentally, today, Wednesday, September 16, 2015 is the second AlDub monthsary, or two months after Maine Mendoza was first spotted smiling when she learned that Alden Richards is watching her via TV screen. As expected, the AlDub hashtag #ALDUB2ndMonthsary on Twitter. On the other hand, the hashtag #ShowtimePastillasFTW is also trending for It’s Showtime.

PS. We decided not to post the video and script of the hugot pastillas recipe here because it contains cursing and foul language. We believe that it should not be read or heard by our young followers.

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