Open Letter to PNoy on Saying That Duterte Will be Forced to Adjust to Realities of Governance

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A netizen posted a lengthy open letter to outgoing President Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino III when the latter said that incoming President Rodrigo Duterte will be forced to adjust himself to the realities of governance. The bachelor president stated this comments towards Duterte during an exclusive interview with Time last Thursday, May 19.

“Well, we will study it but [his victory] was about a successful campaign. Even that 40% [of the electorate that voted for Duterte], without taking anything away from them, what portion is always interested in being on the winning side? Is it a repudiation? I don’t think so.” President Nonoy Aquino said, when asked about Duterte being the next president.

“He might be presented with facts that he was not aware of in the campaign. Undoubtedly he has begun to recognize that certain rhetoric that was allowed in the campaign might not be allowed in governance. He will adjust to the realities of governance.” PNoy added, who will officially end his term on June 30, 2016.

Apparently, a certain Charles Vincent Ho does not agree with the outgoing president, especially on the last part of his statement. In his open letter to PNoy posted as a comment at Dutertewinbylandslide Facebook page this Wednesday, May 25, the netizen reminded the president about Duterte’s accomplishments as a leader, and even compared their track records.

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“Mayor Rodrigo Duterte was already a prosecutor before the Filipino people brought your mother, a plain housewife into power in 1986. At the time your mother became President, Rodrigo Duterte was mayor of the country’s largest city in terms of land area. That was 30 years ago, Mr. Outgoing President.” Charles Vincent Ho wrote.

“When you were voted Congressman by the people of Tarlac in 1998 for the first time as an elected official, Mayor Duterte has been Davao’s chief executive for more than a decade already. When you became a senator in 2007, Duterte had 2 decades of solid executive experience while you had zero.” The netizen added.

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“You were elected into the Presidency by 15.2 million voters not because you had a track record that backed you up. Your mother again saved your day. Her passing made millions of Filipinos grieve for her loss and therefore you were gifted by sympathy votes, myself included.” Ho said of PNoy when he won the 2010 presidential elections.

“In contrast, Mayor Duterte didn’t win because of sympathy from anyone. He won fair and square by virtue of his track record and competence. While in your case, you didn’t have to do anything to improve this country because all the economic legislation was already in place long before you could warm up your seat in Malacañang.” He noted.

The netizen emphasized that PNoy only won the presidency because his late parents are President Corazon Aquino and Sen. Benigno ‘Ninoy’ Aquino Jr. On the other hand, he said that Mayor Rody Duterte won because of his accomplishments in Davao City., not because his surname, and even had more votes than President Noynoy Aquino.

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Below is the full context of the open letter of Charles Vincent Ho to PNoy:

Open letter to PNoyOpen letter to PNoy 2

In recent interviews, incoming President Duterte recently said that he wants PNoy to explain why the Philippines has lost its claim over the disputed South China Sea.. This in line with his appointment to Senator Antonio Trillanes IV as a ‘backdoor negotiator’ with China. The losing vice presidential went to China 16 times, but did not reveal the details.