Open Letter to All Filipinos: Please Do Not English Me If You Cannot Know How

Pinoy FB wrong English 2

Hello! I am 100% Filipino living here in the Philippines since I was born by my mother. In short, I am included in the ‘proud to be Pinoy’ members. I love my country very much, but sometimes I do not like some Filipinos because they do not love Philippines just like me. They are always English me, but they are Filipino also.

My name is Elihegla. I am not graduate on collage, but I am finish on high school long time ago. I am factory worker in many years and I have many friends there. They are my best friends and we always go to SM after work but do not buy, we just walk around and around. I do not have many money but my family is happy.

Actually, I have also Facebook account because I talk to my relatives in my province in Bicol. I also see pictures of my neices and I miss them very much. I can speak Pilipino and Bikolano. I also have small problem in writing English, but I can understand them. That’s why I write this letter to all Filipinos out there.

I will not give you my complete name and picture at Facebook because I sure many Filipinos will laugh at my face. I am sad many Filipinos are make bad memes and I am not like them. I see many bad Filipinos make cyber buly at Facebook and do not stop and not say sorry later. That’s why I do not put pictures at the internet.

Now, I write this letter because I see many Filipinos cannot know English but still write English. I see many times very long post but no camma and period. I see wrong speling but it’s ok because sometimes I do also because of my text on my celphone is the same. But I have a request to all Filipinos if it’s ok.

FB Pinoy Bad English

I hope they do not English me if they cannot know how. I know Manny Pacquiao is not also good in English but it’s ok. He is a good boxer and he is my idol and he is a congressman in his place and helps many people there and in the Philippines. But many Filipinos laughs at his English but Americans on YouTube do not.

My father told me his idol Lito Lapid an action star before and is politician now. My father told me Lito Lapid said he cannot know English that’s why he do not English on TV. But my question is why many Filipinos at Facebook write English but many mistake. They talk to Filipino friends but they still English at them, why?

I’m sad too when my idol Marian Rivera make simple mistake in English but people laugh and insult her. I know she is collage graduate but she is a person and make simple mistake. The people should not insult her because they do not know her long time ago. She is a good actress and a very kind too specially to the sick children.

I remember my teacher in elementary told my class our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal said, “Ang hindi marunong magmahal sa sariling wika ay higit pa sa amoy ng malansang isda.” I mean, why Filipinos do not speak Tagalog when they write at Facebook? Why Japanese president speak Japanese? But they are rich country.

Pinoy FB wrong English

I do not know why but I think many Filipinos think speaking in English is sosyal. No, it’s wrong. My boss in the factory is American and he study Filipino and talk to us in Tagalog even if his tongue is hard. It’s ok to speak English if you are in school specially if the subject is English or in Math…I am correct, right?

But in Facebook, why do you English me? You cannot speak Tagalog? Then why you speak the same as Kris Aquino? Duh! You are not like Kris Aquino, she is really good in English because she go to International School and you are not. Not like her, you are only trying hard and copycat and big mistake. It is not good.

But please do not get angry to me and I’m not angry to you also. I like all of you to be my friends and we Filipinos are all belong to one family. We work hard everyday to help our family, we are the same. We are tired whole day and we want to relax at Facebook. In short, do not English me if you cannot know how, ok?

You’re friend,
Elihegla S.


The above open letter is real. One of our staff happens to know Elihegla and they talked about being on Facebook. The thought of writing the letter started as a joke, but Elihegla said she is willing to write one provided that we will not mention her surname. She said she really wanted to voice out her opinion about Filipinos posting on Facebook in English. And yes, she is not ashamed of her English but she does not use it online.

TN decided to publish it not to mock anyone, but rather to serve as a wake-up call. If you are not good in English, then it’s fine to write in Tagalog especially if all your Facebook friends are Filipinos. But of course, it’s also fine to write in English, as long as you know how to use correct grammar and spelling.

If you don’t know how, you can study English online for free. There are many sites and forums that teach correct grammar and spelling, no tuition fee whatsoever. It’s much better than waking up in the morning too see your photo going viral on social media, and being bullied and mocked by closed-minded Filipinos.