Online Petition Urges to Ban Balut in New York Restaurant, Netizens React


Balut, as we all know, is one of the most popular exotic foods in the world. Here in the Philippines, it’s safe to say all Filipinos have eaten at least one balut in their lives. Tourists who visit the country are always teased to eat one. But apparently, there’s now an online petition to ban balut in a New York restaurant.

The balut ban petition was started by an animal activist named Gabrielle Hardy at, dated April 4, 2015. As of posting, the absurd petition to ban this Filipino delicacy has already 4,484 signatures, getting closer to the target of 5,000 signatures, still with 7 days to go before the petition is closed.

“It’s essentially a hard boiled egg that contains a partially formed duck fetus inside. In other words, the baby duck has not yet even been born!” Gabrielle Hardy wrote on the petition, mentioning the Maharlika restaurant in Manhattan, New York owned by a Filipino named Nicole Ponseca.

“The truth is that this food is disgusting and should not be served in restaurant. I am therefore asking the restaurant to get balut off the menu as soon as soon as possible!” Hardy added, and referred to Business Insider Operations Coordinator Sydney Kramer, who met with Ponseca and was taught how to eat balut.

On the menu of Maharlika restaurant, the balut has an official name of “fertilized duck egg with embryo.” On The YouTube video, Ponseca mentioned balut as a very delicious Filipino food and is full of vitamins and proteins. And although it has not been proven yet, balut is believed to be great in stimulating sexual desire.

Balut contains 188 calories, which is great for active people but can be bad for others. Despite not looking so appealing, this Filipino exotic food has 116 milligrams of calcium, 14 grams of both protein and fat, and 2 milligrams of iron. However, it is recommended to consult a doctor to know how many baluts to eat a day.

Meanwhile, the petition to ban balut earned criticisms from netizens, both Filipinos and foreigners. Here are some of the most interesting ones.

“This petition is ridiculous! The restaurant is not forcing anyone to order balut. Last time I checked, New York is under democracy.” Eugenio Alfonso III (@genealfonso) tweeted.

“What a very hypocritical move from an ignorant animal activist! This woman needs to be ban to enter the Philippines. Persona non grata!” Apolinaria Magbitang (@apolopdiay) tweeted.

“This petition makes me laugh! How about banning American hotdogs because they look gross? Racism at its best!” Ralph Lorenzada (@ralphlorenzada) tweeted.

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