One Dream Owner’s Family Deny Scam, Accuses Lipa City Mayor of Extortion (Video)

One Dream owner sister accuses Lipa Mayor extortion

The family of Arnel Gacer, owner of One Dream Marketing Inc categorically denied that the investment company is a scam. As part of their defense, they put the blame on Lipa City Mayor Meynard Sabili as the one who started the problem, and accused him of extorting money from Gacer. Below is news report video by ABS-CBN.

As reported on TV Patrol this Wednesday, July 22, Albert and Alma, who are both siblings of Arnel Gacer and are living in Goa, Camarines Sur, said they are worried for their brother because they cannot contact him anymore after the scam report spread like wildfire. They insisted that One Dream is not scam, and that it helped many people.

The Gacer siblings said that they think Arnel decided to stop the operation of One Dream because Mayor Sabili is asking a “monthly allowance” from him but their brother could not afford it. They also said the investment company has complete documents proving that it is legal. Prudencio Gacer, Arnel’s father said he hopes his son could clear his name.

According to Arnel Gacer’s profile on One Dream’s official website (now inactive), he is the sixth children of the eight Gacer siblings, and graduated as valedictorian in elementary and high school. He previously worked in some companies and has already invested in various businesses. According to his family, the last time Arnel visited them was last March.

On a separate report also via TV Patrol, Linda de Duzman, Arnel’s mother-in-law, who lives in Lipa City, begged him to answer all the allegations against One Dream, and that they are receiving death threats. She said she also invested money on the networking company and made good money, adding that she could not believe Gacer ran away with billions of pesos.

Mrs. de Guzman said she asked some One Dream investors if they made good money from the business, and they said they did. She also said she last talked to her daughter, Jobelle, and Arnel last Sunday, and that they were both very afraid. She noted that she she went to Lipa City hall this Monday because she heard Arnel was there, but she did not see him.

According to her, she gave some checks to Mayor Sabili that day, and wondered why the mayor ordered One Dream to stop its operations despite the fact that it has the documents as required by the law. Meanwhile, a certain Ruth Villapando, Linda’s daughter-in-law said she sold her tricycle to invest at One Dream, but she was not able to get back her money.

On the other hand, Mayor Meynard Sabili denied the accusations of Gacer’s family particularly on the extortion issue. The Lipa City Mayor said the One Dream has no business permit, adding that Arnel Gacer told him that he will go to the city hall last Monday but he did not come. He then challenged Arnel to come out and face the allegations against him.

Meanwhile, the company of the soap being sold by One Dream denied being part of the alleged investment scam. In an interview, ARM Skin Essentials Corp. President Dr. Alvin Matulac said their products were sold without their permission, adding that their sales went down by more than 50% because of the issue, He said he plans to sue One Dream.

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As reported earlier, 18 investors of One Dream filed a syndicated estafa against Arnel Gacer, Jobelle de Guzman (Arnel’s wife), Ariel Gacer, Linda de Guzman Jay-Ar de Guzman, Marlon de Guzman, Jun de Guzman, Lui de Guzman, Joel de Guzman, Judith Itoh and Richard Ramos over the alleged P3-billion investment scam.

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