OFW Forgives Wife for Committing Adultery and Having Children With Another Man

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Here in the Philippines, married men with other women are usually being idolized. But because Filipinos are known to be that conservative type, married women who commit adultery are being thrown to hell with no explanation whatsoever. Nevertheless, there are still few Filipino men who can forgive their unfaithful wife.

One of our staff had a neighbor named Elsa, the wife of Arturo who worked abroad for around five years. She has been rumored to have children with another man while her husband was in Dubai working as a mechanical engineer. Apparently, the allegations were proven true and the couple eventually separate.

A couple of years ago, Arturo and Elsa were living as happily married couple. They have one son and our staff said their lifestyle is slightly above average. Arturo is working in an established steel company, while Elsa makes some money from direct selling of beauty products. In short, money was never a problem.

The couple used to be office mates, and dated for three years before they got married. Arturo and Elsa are both smart in handling their finances, and neighbors can tell that they are indeed deeply in love with each other. Arturo is a hardworking husband, while Elsa sacrificed her career to be a housewife and a mother.

After three years, the couple was able to buy a car and even paid the down payment for a house and lot in a well-known subdivision nearby. However, their problem started when Arturo decided to work abroad. Elsa does not agree with the idea, but Arturo insisted, saying that he wants to earn more money for their future.

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The first year of Arturo as an OFW was great. He had a one-month paid vacation, so he spent the Christmas season with his family. But on the second year, he did not arrive, and Elsa was not always at home. Our staff said she accidentally saw Elsa in Tagaytay with a young, handsome man, but not bringing her child with her.

Having known that it is a family matter, our staff ignored Elsa although she knows Elsa saw her. The parents of Elsa sometimes visit their home, and they heard the rumors. But for some reasons, they did not confront Elsa either. Our staff learned that Arturo came home unexpectedly, but Elsa and their son were not there.

Arturo stayed on their home for about a month, and one night Elsa came with their child. The neighbors (including our staff) were awakened because of the screaming and crying inside Elsa’s home. When the morning came, Arturo was left alone again, and a neighbor said she saw Elsa – around 5 months pregnant.

For around six months, no one stayed in their house but Arturo is sometimes seen getting the appliances including their flat TV and huge refrigerator. After a year, the house was empty and our staff thought it was the end of a happy marriage. Then, she saw Elsa with two children; the youngest is the child of another man.

Elsa was then working in a car dealership, while Arturo worked abroad again but this time in Singapore. Our staff learned Elsa is pregnant again with the same man. However, Elsa told our staff the man left her for another woman, leaving her as a single mother. Arturo took their son and left him to his parents in Bulacan.

And because Elsa and our staff were former neighbors, they eventually became good friends. In fact, our staff became the godmother of Elsa’s third child. Despite still having suitors, Elsa committed herself to being a mother, and worked hard for her children. In very few occasions, she was allowed to visit her son with Arturo.

Meanwhile, Arturo did not fall to another woman, and focused on his work instead. But because Elsa’s salary is not enough, she had debts left and right and sometimes even borrows money from our staff. Elsa admits her mistake falling in love to another man, and regrets being weak while Arturo is working abroad.

More than a year later, Elsa was surprised to see Arturo waiting for her outside her office. In her story to our staff, Elsa said Arturo asks her to stay with him again, and that he will accept her children with another man. He said he is willing to stay here in the Philippines and will start a small business instead of working abroad.

Elsa admits that she still loves Arturo, but she is afraid that Arturo might not treat her children well. It took a few more months before Elsa realized that Arturo has really forgiven her. For Arturo, he said he has been a victim of his greed for money, and admitted that he should not have left Elsa in the first place.

Two years later, Arturo and Elsa are still living together. Arturo eventually allowed the two children to use his surname despite knowing that they were products of his wife’s mistake. Just recently, Elsa gave birth again to her fourth child (of course with Arturo). And yes, our staff was glad to be one of the godmothers again.

In a short talk with Arturo, he told us that there’s really nothing wrong with being an OFW and dreaming of greener pasture. He says it’s natural especially for a husband to think about the future of his family. But sometimes, husbands forget that their wife is their former girlfriend, who now needs more love and attention.

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