OFW Fooled by Girlfriend he met on Facebook, Sends Money for Her ‘Tuition Fee’

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If you think only men can fool strangers on Facebook, think again. A male OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) said he met a Filipina from Davao via Facebook about a year ago, and she eventually became his girlfriend. But after sending money to her, he learned that she has been fooling him right from the start.

According to a report at GMA News this Friday, July 17, an unidentified OFW from Australia returned to the Philippines after learning that the his girlfriend he met on Facebook is lying to him, after he sent his hard-earned money to support her needs. The man claimed he had a long-distance relationship with the 20-year old woman.

The woman allegedly asked him money to support her studies, including tuition fee and allowance. The amount of money the OFW sent to her was not mentioned, but he also reportedly paid for her medication when she got sick. Apparently, the woman was able to produce fake school documents and receipts.

He told the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) that he began to be suspicious when his girlfriend told him that all her electronic gadgets were stolen, but she could send him a copy of the police report. NBI Region 11 supervising agent Atty. Archie Albao told GMA News that the girl is not really a student, but a young mother.

The woman also said that it has the man who first contact her on Facebook. She added that time, she got pregnant before she reached 18. She said she was so depressed and got desperate for money because her mother does not know about her situation. So, she decided to ask money from the OFW and lied to him.

The unnamed suspect was arrested in Davao recently. Although she did not deny that she lied about being a student, she said that it was her boyfriend who keeps on sending her money and persistent in their relationship. In fact, she claimed that last year, she received birthday gifts from him worth P100,000.

For the poor OFW, he said he is willing to forgive the woman, but he emphasized that the woman should return all the money she got from him. As of posting, the girl is in the custody of NBI Davao and is now facing an estafa case. However, it is not known how she will be able to repay the man, and if the man will still work as OFW.

Here at TN, we will not stop reminding everyone to be very careful in making new friends in social media, especially on Facebook. We may never understand how lonely it is to work abroad, but we all know for a fact that it is very easy produce fake documents these days, as well as Facebook account.

If you are online, don’t trust people easily.

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