Now Hiring: List of Job Vacancies in 5 Philippine Government Agencies for 2016

Job Hiring Philippines government 2016

Good news for 2016 job applicants! The Philippine government announced this Monday, January 4, 2016 that its five (5) major agencies are now hiring Filipinos. These offices have partnered with a job-matching online platform called Kalibrr, to enhance the process of hiring new government employees. Below is the complete list of job vacancies and their job titles.

According to a post at, the five agencies that have job vacancies are: the Department of Education (DepEd), the Department of Finance–Bureau of Local Government Finance (DOF-BLGF), the Public Private Partnership Center, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), and the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC).

Department of Education

* Attorney III (Legal Service – Investigation Division)
* Attorney II (Legal Service – Investigation Division)
* Attorney III ( Legal Service – Legal Division)
* Chief Administrative Officer (Public Affairs Service – Communications Division)
* DepEd Project Engineer

Department of Finance – Bureau of Local Government Finance

* Administrative Officer III (Cashier II)/SG-14 (ADOF3-12-2014), BLGF Region IV-B
* Administrative Officer IV (MAA II)/SG-15, Financial and Management Division, Administrative and Financial Management Service
* Financial Analyst III/SG-18 (FINA3-17-2014), BLGF Region XI
* Information Officer III/SG-18 (INFO3-21-2014)
* Special Investigator III/SG-18 (SP13-12-2014) Internal Affairs Division, Legal Service

Public-Private Partnership Center of the Philippines

* Attorney V (Anticipated Vacancy) – Legal Service
* Planning Officer V (Anticipated Vacancy) -Policy Formulation Division – Policy Formulation, Project Evaluation and Monitoring Service
* Project Development Officer II (PDO2-18-2011) – SG 15, Project Development Service
* Project Development Officer II (PDO2-6-2014) – SG 15, Project Development Service
* Project Development Officer V (Anticipated Vacancy)-Project Development Service Item Nos. PDO5-12-2011 & PDO5-13-2011
* Project Development Officer V (PDO5-6-2013 Project Development and Management Facility Service)

Department of Social Welfare and Development

* Administrative Officer V
* Project Development Officer

Department of Transport and Communications — National Management Office

* Accountant IV
* Clerk IV
* Division Chief IV
* Economist IV
* Engineer IV
* Environmental Management Specialist IV
* Information Systems Analyst II

Important Note:

Taho News is not responsible for any possible changes. We are also not affiliated with any recruitment agency, and we cannot provide further details. If you want to apply for any of the job vacancies listed above, visit the official Kalibrr website at and apply.



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