Noli de Castro “Rude” to Winnie Cordero on TV Patrol, Korina Sanchez Defends Him

Noli De Castro Winnie Cordero TV Patrol January 2015

Screengrab Credit: TV Patrol

Former Vice President and TV news anchor Noli de Castro allegedly became rude towards reporter Winnie Cordero on live TV. Apparently, many netizens did not like his behavior and voiced out their reactions on Twitter. Nevertheless, co-anchor Korina Sanchez was quick to defend him.

Last Monday, January 5, 2015 on TV Patrol, Winnie Cordero was reporting about the preparation of Manila for the upcoming 408th procession of the Black Nazarene in Quiapo, Manila, The event is set to be held this Friday, January 9, which also happens to be the day of Black Nazarene.

As shown in the video, De Castro, who is one of its notable devotees, asked Cordero if the area has been cleaned and if the garbage on the streets have removed. The “Umagang Kay Ganda” segment host responded “Yes,” and showed her video report about the issue.

According to Cordero’s report, the Manila government led by Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada emphasized that everything is now in order for the said procession. The female reporter added that attendees this year are expected to be around 15 million, as compared to last year’s 12 million.

In the news video shown, Winnie Cordero reported that all concerned organizations made a press conference that day with Mayor Erap. According to the reporter, all aspects have been discussed and are now fully prepared. This includes road safety, sanitation, security, and electrical inspection.

Then, De Castro said he hopes that Mayor Erap will also make some actions on the request of the devotees. According to him, ambulant vendors, especially those who sell fish balls use sticks which customers blatantly throw away in the streets. He also mentioned the plastic used for drinking water.

“I hope ambulant vendors using wooden cart will not join or go along with the devotees. This is what we are requesting to Mayor Erap since last year. But nothing happened; it was not followed.” He added, as translated to English.

“Hindi naman, Kabayan.” Cordero responded, but de Castro did not allow her to finish her statement, saying, “Hindi. Hindi nasunod.” The female reporter smiled and said, “Opo. Kasama yan sa sinabi ng city administrator kanina…” Nevertheless, the TV anchor butts in again.

(Not really, Kabayan) – Cordero responded.

(No, it did not happened) – De Castro butts in.

(Yes, it was mentioned by the city administrator earlier) – Cordero said.

“We’ll see if our request will be granted this time, because last year, we interviewed Mayor Erap. But still, the ambulant vendors are still there, and the devotees just avoided them. And because they use wooden carts, they can go anywhere. I am requesting that they should be in the sidewalk only…” De Castro said further.

Cordero, while maintain her composure, told him that clearing operations in the area have been made since early January. However, she emphasized that ambulant vendors keep coming back. On the last part, de Castro insisted that he is talking about the particular day of the Black Nazarene procession.

Right after the live broadcast, many netizens slammed Noli de Castro over his reaction. Below are some of them:

Noli De Castro Winnie Cordero Twitter reactions

Noli De Castro Winnie Cordero Twitter reactions 2

However, some netizens said they understand de Castro’s reaction, saying that his behavior is nothing but normal and is not rude at all, considering that he has been a consistent Black Nazarene devotee even when he was in politics. Some of them said he remains to be their favorite male news anchor.

Meanwhile, Korina Sanchez, who is on leave on TV Patrol from January to March 2015 and is now talking up Master of Arts in Journalism at the Ateneo de Manila University, can’t help but give her reaction. According to her, Cordero knows de Castro very well and that she is not offended.

“Sa tagal tagal kong nakasama si Kabayan (Noli de Castro), ni minsan hindi ko siya nakitaan nag pagiging unprofessioanal. Kitang kita naman na mahal na mahal niya ang trabaho. Kung hindi, hindi siya tatagal at hindi niya mararating ang mga nakarating niya.” Korina Sanchez said in an ambush interview.

(Over the years that I have worked with Kabayan (Noli de Castro); not even once that I saw him being unprofessional. We can all see how much he loves his work. Otherwise, he will not last that long in his career and he will not be where he is now.)

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