New Viral Photo of “Real” Ronnie Dayan is Fake, Sister of Man in Photo Shares Sad Story of Family

Another alleged photo of Ronnie Palisoc Dayan is now going viral on Facebook. Dayan is being dubbed as Senator Leila de Lima’s driver-lover, whom President Duterte accused as involved in illegal drugs trade inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP). However, a sister of the man on the viral photo surfaced, and relate a very sad, emotional story of their family.

According to the Facebook post on Saturday of Joel Maguiza Sy Egco, who first posted the picture of whom he said is the real Ronnie Dayan, he got it from Manila Times correspondent Jaime Aquino. He added that a source told him Dayan is also an aficionado (a person who has a huge knowledge) in cock fighting, and Sen de Lima joins him in attending derby events.

Egco, who is the also the Assignments Editor and Chief of Reporter at The Manila Times, wrote in his Facebook comments that the said photo was taken in 2014, when Ronnie Dayan was arrested for indiscriminate firing, and that the gun in the photo is the one he used. But while this looks credible, a netizen said the man in the photo is her brother.

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Real Ronnie Palisoc Dayan wrong

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In a Facebook post by Amira Gold Janairo this Sunday, August 21, she said that the man in the photo posted by the Manila Times reporter is not the real Ronnie Dayan. She said it is her brother named Joven “Benjie” Janairo, a member of the special task for anti-kidnapping. She said that their parents were massacred in 1988, when she was still a baby.

According to Ms. Janairo, she and all her siblings (2 sisters and other brother) witnessed what happened to their parents. She said that her mother and a sister got killed in the massacre, and that another sister has still a bullet inside her body until now. She noted the suspects burned their house and the dead body of her father, who is then a politician.

At the last part of her lengthy post, she slammed the author of the news article at where the photo of her brother was posted. She noted that the viral photo created public scandal and humiliation in their family, and that her brother;s children experienced trauma. It also appears that she is planning to sue the writer.

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Incidentally, this is not the first time an alleged photo of Ronnie Dayan went viral. Just recently, a photo of Senator de Lima with a man who was dubbed as her “driver-lover” was spread on social media. However, it turned out to be Bulgar entertainment columnist Roldan Castro. Meanwhile, Janairo did not mention that she also plans to sue Joel Maguiza Sy Ego and Jaime Aquino of The Manila Times.

Again and again, we at TN have been reminding the public NOT TO BELIEVE IMMEDIATELY in everything they see or read on social media. Instead of SHARING them and posting HATE COMMENTS, do a thorough research online such as Google. But if you don’t know how or you are not sure if it is real, simply ignore it or do not react violently.