Netizen Shares Wonderful Experience With a Hardworking, Dedicated BIR Employee

Dedicated BIR officer Jocelyn Toledo

A netizen could not help but share his wonderful experience with a hardworking and dedicated BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) employee. Apparently, this only proves that not all BIR officials are corrupt, despite the fact that the tax collection agency is known to be one of the most corrupt government agencies in the Philippines. Below is his story.

According to a certain Jose Roel Atom Balingit, he went to the BIR RDO 34 office in Paco, Manila last Tuesday, June 28 at 3:24 pm to get the computation of a decade-old real estate tax. And because it is not an easy task, he assumed that it will take another day for a BIR tax assessor to finish it. But indeed, he got the surprise of his life.

Balingit said that One-Time Transaction Team (ONETT) officer Ms. Jocelyn Toledo finished the papers of the person in front of him at 4:45pm. This means that it is very likely that he will be told to come back the next day for his documents to be finished. Lo and behold! The BIR officer said she will still attend to his papers and will finish it.

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The amazed netizen noted that Ms. Toledo was so polite and patiently answered all his questions, just like a teacher who want her young students to learn. Mr. Balingit said the BIR officer finished his estate tax assessment at 7:45 pm, and that they were the last ones to leave the office, considering that government employees have no overtime pay.

As a token of gratitude, Balingit said he offered Ms. Toledo a free dinner, but the latter declined the gesture even if he said he would just give it to her as a take-out order. To add to his surprise, the netizen said he learned that she lives in Quezon City, and would just use the LRT hoping to get home faster. And yes, she still has work the next day.

Dedicated BIR officer Jocelyn Toledo storyDedicated BIR officer Jocelyn Toledo story 2

But because words are not enough to thank the very accommodating BIR officer, Balingit said he wrote a feedback letter and dropped it on the suggestion box, hoping that at least, Ms. Jocelyn Toledo would be recognized for her dedication to her work. And just like his wish, we at TN also hope that there are more government employees like her.

Mabuhay po kayo, Ms. Jocelyn Toledo!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚