Netizen Shares Experience Proving That 911 Emergency Hotline Really Works

911 Hotline  Philippines works

As we all know, the 911 Emergency Hotline was launched this Monday, August 1, along with the 8888 Hotline for complaints against corrupt government officials, underperforming government personnel and unfinished government projects. But while some people are skeptical if these numbers will work, a netizen said she has proven that 911 really works.

As told by a certain Rosario Juan on her lengthy Facebook post that day, she saw through the living room window of her condominium a shadow of a man standing at the balcony at 12:45am. But because her lights were off, she said she could not clearly see his face. And because the man could be a thief, she immediately called the security guard for help.

Ms. Juan said that when the security guard came, she learned that the man is a lover of the lady living in the unit above hers, and that the husband caught them. The said man was then knocking at her window, requesting her to let him enter her unit. Another security guard arrived to help get the man out of her condominium, as the latter was begging to come in.

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The netizen said that shortly after, the husband came out from the fire exit and confronted the man, saying, “You were like a brother to me!” in English, suggesting that the lover of the cheating wife is his friend. She added the two men still continued arguing (in Mandarin) but the security guards somehow pacified them later, and held them at the lobby.

But because of fear, Ms. Juan said she tweeted the incident to a friend who reminded her that the 911 Emergency Hotline is already available. About an hour after calling 911, she learned that the police wanted to talk to her about the love triangle of the 3 Chinese nationals. That was the time she realized that President Duterte’s 911 hotline really works.

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Meanwhile, PNP (Philippine National Police) Chief Ronald ‘Bato’ Dela Rosa, he said that as of Monday morning, the 911 hotline has already received 2,745 calls nationwide, with 75 of them with legitimate concerns, 1,119 were dropped calls, and 304 were prank calls. He also warned the public that the police will hunt prank callers and will arrest them.