Netizen: Friend Failed to See Mom in the Hospital Alive Because of INC Protest Rally

INC protest rally

As the 5-day protest rally of the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) ended this Monday, police said there were no serious injuries. But because of the said event, a woman failed to see her mother alive while the latter was in the hospital. Unfortunately, the poor daughter arrived late. This is according to a Facebook post by a netizen, who was the friend of the patient’s daughter.

According to Timmy C. Diagone on his Facebook post last Monday, August 31, the mother of his friend passed away in a hospital in Reliance EDSA . Unfortunately, the mother died even before the daughter arrived at the hospital. He did not mention their names and why she was brought to the hospital, but he said the hospital is just 15-minutes away from Cubao.

But because there was a protest rally of thousands of INC members, Timmy said they spent 1 hour and 27 minutes before they reached the hospital. He said they had to endure the bad smell as they walked along EDSA Ortigas. And worst of all, he said asked a lady member of the INC to let them pass, but the woman allegedly told them, “So what?”

“My point here: I don’t take it against to what they’re fighting right now. We owe them respect. But at some point, our brothers from INC’s MUST KNOW that a lot of people has been suffering from this rally. A lot of people has been excruciatingly enduring the pain to walk from Ortigas to Edsa Crossing just to go home or go to work.” Diagone wrote.

“To the INC brothers out there, We love you. We respect and support your cause. We hope and pray that it will be resolved ASAP. I just also hope that, You could do something, like a good measure for other religions, other people who pass by EDSA- a respect that we also need. We understand you, just as well be responsible in your actions. Giving DISCOMFORT is NOT God’s thing.” He added.

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Woman dies heavy traffic INC protestWoman dies heavy traffic INC protest 2

Credit: Timmy C. Diagone Facebook

We at TN always tell our readers that we respect the faith and rights of everyone. But once their actions are hurting other people’s rights, we totally disagree with them. Just like anyone else, we believe in democracy and freedom of expression. But we also believe that no one has the right to abuse his freedom, especially if life is at stake.

PS: We did not publish this story to ignite anger against anyone or any religious group, but rather to provide information. Therefore, any cursing or defamatory comment below will not be approved. However, constructive criticisms are allowed.

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