Nestor Punzalan Not the Biker Killer, MPD Says, Plans to Sue Netizens Who Dubbed Him as Suspect

Nestor Punzalan Hyundai mistaken identity

Nestor Punzalan is not the biker killer, according to Manila Police District (MPD) adding that he was only a victim of mistaken identity. This is after he went to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) this Tuesday, July 26, and later has cleared his name. With this, he also plans to sue netizens who immediately dubbed him as a suspect without confirming first.

As shown in the CCTV footage of the incident, which happened this Monday, July 25 at around 9:36 pm, a red Hyundai Eon was seen cutting a biker along P. Casal Street in Quiapo, Manila. Shortly, the car driver and the biker had an argument which led to a fist fight. The driver then got back to his car to get his gun, and shot the biker on the face.

Not yet contented, the suspect shot the victim three more times, and then immediately rode his car and left the scene. The biker was identified as Mark Vincent Geralde, 35, who reportedly died instantly. An 18-year old girl named Rosell Bondoc was hit by a stray bullet from the suspect, and is now in critical condition at the Mary Chiles General Hospital.

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This Tuesday night, Nestor Punzalan went to the NBI and admitted that his red Hyundai Eon bears the conduction sticker MO3746, which was earlier identified as the car used by the biker killer suspect. However, he said his car was not used in the night of the murder. He even showed his hands to prove he was not involved in a fist fight or gun shooting.

The NBI also checked his red Hyundai Eon in his home, and it showed no signs of bump or scratches. Initial investigation also showed that the suspect and the biker started their fight when the biker allegedly hit the suspect’s car. However, it was not known who first identified the suspect’s car as a red Hyundai Eon with conduction sticker MO3746.

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Also this Tuesday night, an unnamed netizen sent a message to Top Gear Philippines Facebook page, saying that a witness has confirmed that the correct red Hyundai Eon used by the suspect has a conduction sticker MO3745, and not conduction sticker MO3746 as earlier identified. The supposed witness also wanted to the clear Nestor Punzalan’s name.

But before that, some netizens looked for Nestor Punzalan’s Facebook account and spread his photo on social media and dubbed him as the suspect of the said crime. Shortly, other netizens believed that he was really the suspect without confirming if the NBI has not yet identified him as one. And because of the tons of hurting words and threat of security, Nestor Punzalan decided to deactivate his Facebook page. But after the MPD proved his innocence, he created a new account is now trying to clear his name on social media.

But while we at TN understand the anger of our fellow netizens after watching the cold-blooded murder of the biker, we strongly suggest everyone to be remain vigilant. As we have said a lot of times in the past, not everything you see and read on social media is true. Do your research. And as GMA News has been urging us to do, “Think before you click!”

Meanwhile, the NBI and MPD are now conducting a thorough investigation to identify the real biker killer. We hope that he will be arrested as soon as possible and pay for his crime. We also would like to remind everyone to be calm while on the road. Nobody deserves to be hurt or killed over something that can be solved in a decent manner.