Pinoy Sings ‘Let It Go’ in 42 Languages, Invited on Ellen Show

Neil Brian Bernardo Pinoy Let It Go 42 languages

Screengrab credit: Neil Brian Bernardo YouTube video

Meet Neil Brian Bernardo, the Pinoy graphic designer who can sing the phenomenal ‘Frozen’ song “Let It Go” in 42 different languages including English, Russian, Mandarin, Norwegian, and Hebrew. And yes, famous TV host Ellen DeGeneres could not help but invite him to perform on her show.

According to Bernardo, he couldn’t sleep after the 2105 New Year’s Eve celebration with his family. So, he decided to record the song and uploaded the video on YouTube on New Year’s Day at 3 a.m. when everyone in their house is already sleeping. Based on his Google+ account, he lives in Cavite.

“I didn’t include Tagalog because the original translations of Let It Go (readily available on Spotify and on iTunes) don’t have an official Filipino version. I tried translating the last line “The cold never bothered me anyway”, though, but it sounded awkward.” Bernardo wrote on his YouTube video description.

And although some Pinoy YouTube commentators said they were disappointed because Filipino language is not included, Bernardo said he is willing to ask someone to translate the line for him. Otherwise, he said he is also willing to sing the Tagalog version of other lines of the song.

“I memorized the lyrics compilation for a month. It wasn’t easy; because I had to do a lot of research (and a lot of repeated listening) on the languages I was not familiar with, especially Vietnamese and the Scandinavian languages.” The Filipino graphic designer added, emphasizing that he is not reading the lyrics on the screen.

But despite admitting that he is camera-shy and not a professional singer, the effort to pronounce every dialect well was admired by YouTube commentators. In fact, one native speaker of Dutch commended his pronunciation. Speakers of Norwegian, Arabic, and Japanese (Nihongo) were also impressed.

The sequence of 42 languages that Bernardo used in his version of “Let It Go” is as follows:

Norsk (Norwegian), Slovene, Ukrainian, Portuguese (Brazil), Icelandic, Romanian, Croatian, French, Estonian, Cantonese, Spanish (Latin America), Polsk (Polish), Latvian, Portuguese, Mainland China Mandarin, Hebrew, Flemish, Classic Arabic, Czech, Lietuvių (Lithuanian), Slovak, Bulgarian, Nihongo (Japanese), Spanish (Castillano), Catalan, Russian, Greek, Türkçe, Svenska (Swedish), Magyar (Hungarian), Tiếng Việt, Taiwanese Mandarin, Suomi (Finnish), Italiano, Thai, Nederlands (Dutch), Deutsche (German), Bahasa Melayu (Malaysian),Korean, Serbian, Dansk (Danish) and English.

As Bernardo’s “Let It Go” multilingual cover video is going viral, someone shared it to Ellen DeGeneres. A few days later, the TV show host asked one of the staff to contact him. Soon after, it was confirmed that Neil Brian Bernardo has been invited to perform on The Ellen Show.

“Ellen (DeGeneres) was obviously mesmerized with Neil (Brian Bernardo) considering that most of the languages he used are very hard to speak. She even watched the video along with some of her language translators to show his talent. His voice is also great.” The staff told TN via email.

ABS-CBN reported about Neil Brian Bernardo on their news website, where fellow Pinoys started to notice his video. Incidentally, Bernardo also currently works at ABS-CBN CCPMG. As of posting, talks are now going on as to which episode of The Ellen Show will feature the singing Pinoy graphic designer.

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