Mysterious Material Found in 2 Nestle Chuckie Chocolate Drink Tetra Packs (Video)

Nestle Chuckie mysterious material

Credit: Shirlie Jane Facebook

Just days after Nestle Philippines said that the substance found in a Milo Ready-to-Drink tetra pack was coagulated milk (or in Tagalog, “namuong gatas”), another woman said she found a mysterious material inside not one, but two Nestle Chuckie Chocolate Drink tetra packs. Below is the video showing the alleged contaminated products of Nestle.

According to a Facebook video post of a certain Shirlie Jane last Tuesday, August 4, 2015, she thought that the recent reports about contaminated Nestle products are not true. But then, she said she experienced almost the same thing. She said they have no video showing the 2 tetra packs are being opened, but noting that the ‘mold’ is still intact inside the pack.

Ms. Jane said she is not trying to damage Nestle’s reputation, and that what they are real. Later, she showed the side of the tetra packs, which revealed that the expiration date of the said pack in February 28, 2016. Besides the video, she also took photos of the product that she claims has mysterious material that looked like mold.

This Wednesday, August 5, Shirlie Jane said on Facebook that around 10:30 to 11am that day, Nestle Philippines has already taken samples of the specimen of the material she found inside the Nestle Chuckie tetra pack. She added that the student who drank the said chocolate drink will be examined, and that the case will be investigated.

But later that day, Ms. Jane updated her Facebook saying that someone reported her photos of the Nestle Chuckie incident on Facebook, and described them as containing “graphic violence.” Luckily, Facebook denied the request of that person, so the photos can still be found on her wall. As of posting, Nestle Philippines has not yet commented on this issue.

Credit: Shirlie Jane Facebook

The earlier complaint against the substance found in Milo was posted on Facebook last June 8 by a certain Piere Angeli Barcelo Mercado. That time, Nestle Philippines said that the company is assuring the consumer public that their products are safe, and that they have strict quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process.