MyPhone Endorses Mayor Rody Duterte for President (Official Statement)

In a very unexpected scenario, MyPhone endorses Mayor Rody Duterte for president this 2016 elections. And to prove that it is legit, MyPhone released the official statement of its Chairman and CEO, David Lim. The statement was posted on a tech site, and was promoted via the official MyPhone Facebook page this Tuesday, April 12.

According to Lim, MyPhone decided to show their support to the presidential bid of Duterte, as most of company’s employees are proud Duterte supporters. And despite the fact that endorsing Duterte could break some of the strictest rules of corporate PR and Marketing, MyPhone will openly support Duterte’s presidential campaign.

In a follow up statement, MyPhone noted that they are not supporting the candidates of the present administrations because they have been paying a minimum of P10 billion every year, but nothing has been done to make it lower. The company added that they never ask help from the government, and that it is now time for a change.

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MyPhone said they owe everything to all Filipino customers, and therefore it’s time to take their part. The Philippine mobile phone brand by Solid Group Inc. is also encouraging other companies to be courageous and speak their voices. MyPhone is the third largest brand in the Philippines in 2014 in terms of unit shipments, according to a study made by International Data Corporation.

Below is the MyPhone Chairman and CEO official statement, as posted at local tech website,

MyPhone Duterte

Credit: MyPhone Official Facebook

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“Here at MyPhone, most of my colleagues are Duterte supporters. We have decided to be brave and show our true colors without fear of reprisal from whoever. We will be openly supporting Duterte as this was the consensus with all my employees. Sa tunay na pagbabago. One employee even asked me, kung hindi ako natatakot na balikan kami if Duterte loses.

I said our family [has] never backed out from a good fight. At matagal na kami takot. We owe nothing to our government whom we religiously pay our taxes and fulfill all corporate obligation […] as a good corporate citizen. But we owe this country and its people for everything we have today. We will be going all out in supporting Duterte in this last month of campaign. Sa Pagbabago! Tara na! Mga kompanya na naghahangad ng tunay na pagbabago. To all the companies and employees that believe in fair play want a change for a better business environment please find your voice and courage to speak up and be heard.”

“We never ask help [from the government] for only MyPhone. And the past government would brush aside my complain and do nothing about it. Minimum of 10 Billion in taxes are lost each year, and nothing is done to prevent it from happening again and again. [We at] MyPhone do not need a government that is indifferent to the needs of a regular Filipino enterprise.”

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