My Duterte Story Testimonials Show That Mayor Duterte Helps Not Only Dabawenyos

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo ‘Rody’ Duterte may not be the usual soft-spoken politician we know. In fact, many Dabawenyos (people from Davao) claim that he is not really a bad person after all. But what’s more interesting to know is that some Duterte stories reveal that he has helped not only Dabawenyos. Below are only 2 of My Duterte Story testimonials we found on social media.

As we all know, there were mixed reactions from netizens when Mayor Duterte cursed Pope Francis in his speech. Celebrity performers Kitchie Nadal and Gab Valenciano recently questioned Duterte for having a second wife and two girlfriends, while Parokya ni Edgar frontman Chito Miranda and actor-action star Robin Padilla are both supporting Duterte for president in 2016.

Recently, a My Duterte Story Twitter account was created along with a Facebook page, and collects testimonials of people who had wonderful encounter with him. Using the hashtag #MyDuterteStory, many Dabawenyos praised the effectiveness of his leadership. In addition, two non-Davao City residents share their stories when Duterte immediately gave a helping hand.

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According to Facebook user Yrevaa Yaj, she is from Davao del Sur and her 3-month old son was diagnosed with Bacterial Meningitis. She said said her mother saw Mayor Rody Duterte on his office table outside the Davao City hall, catering help to his constituents. Her mother told the mayor that they are not voters of Davao City, but Duterte still unselfishly helped them.

My Duterte Story Yrevaa Yaj

Credit: Yrevaa Yaj Facebook

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Meanwhile, Facebook user Alice Cadao admits being born and raised in Davao City. As a Bantay Bata 163 Davao correspondent, she said they feature stories of sick children who needed immediate help. But before the airing ends, the office of Mayor Duterte calls them, telling them that the mayor will shoulder the expenses even if the parents are not voters of Davao City.

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My Duterte Story Alice Cadao

Credit: Alice Cadao Facebook

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Apparently, the people who received help from Mayor Duterte said that he does not ask for any requirement, not even a broadcast coverage, a picture-taking or a press release. One of the major projects of Mayor Duterte in Davao City that usually receive praises from many Dabawenyos is the free service of the Davao City Central 911 Emergency Response Center.


Taho News is not and will never endorse any political candidate in 2016. The above post is not trying to convince the public to vote for Duterte. Instead, it serves as an education tool to let the public know the experiences of the people who had personal encounter with him. On that note, we also welcome stories from people who are supporting other presidentiables.


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