Muslim Woman and White Man Stuck in an Elevator, Something Powerful Happens (Video)

White man Muslim woman stuck elevator

Unfortunately for many non-Muslims, it’s very easy to judge that all Muslims are bad people and should be avoided. Apparently, our differences in religion is one of the major problems that mankind needs to solve. The short film below is a great wake up call for all of us. You should watch it from start to end.

On the start of the video, a white young man hesitantly entered an elevator after he learned a Muslim woman wearing a hijab (veil) will only be his companion. Based on his reaction, it is obvious that he is not a Muslim and that he is scared. Nevertheless, he entered the elevator and stood far away from her.

As expected, the man nervously moves away every time he feels that the Muslim woman moves. And moments later, the lights went off and the elevator malfunctions. They got stuck inside the elevator and no one knows until when. Despite being nervous, the man tried to open the door but to no avail.

As they sat down on the floor, the man got his half-filled bottled water and drinks a bit. Knowing that they would both stay together inside the elevator indefinitely, the man politely offered the water. It took a while before the Muslim woman drank it. The man didn’t expect that this would change his life forever.

Moments later, his right leg got seriously wounded when something fell on him. The man got panicked and did not know what to do except to cry in pain. But to his amazement, the Muslim woman removed her hijab (which is strictly against Muslim rights) and tied it to his wound to serve as first aid.

This 8-minute short film titled “Behind The Walls” was created by Fixstudio Pictures. Although the story is pure fiction, it can happen in real life. And more importantly, the message is very powerful. None of us should be judgmental when it comes to religion. Instead, we should respect each other’s beliefs!!!

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