Mother in China Refuses to Break BMW Window to Save her Child Locked Inside

China mom BMW child inside

Credit: CCTV News

A mother in China reportedly refused to break the window of her BMW so that her child that was locked inside can be saved. This is despite the fact that people on the scene are urging her to do so. The news of the incident went viral in China, where netizens expressed their anger to her on the nation’s own social media.

According to a report at CCTV News (China Central Television), the untoward incident happened last Saturday in Yiwu City, n central Zhejiang province. The unnamed Chinese mother was outside her BMW when her 3-year old son was locked inside. The scene started to attract attention because the poor boy began to cry.

The people then started to convince the mother to break the window of her car to save her child, but she did not want to. Instead, she said she will wait for the locksmith so the door can be opened without damaging the expensive BMW. She reportedly did not mind looking at her son suffering as he desperately calls for help.

The report said that when the firefighters arrived on the scene, the mother would still do not allow them to break the car’s window. But when they saw the locked child is starting to feel weak, they had no other choice but to damage the window of the BMW. The boy was saved before he collapsed due to the extreme heat inside the car.

“It is very dangerous to leave kids inside car, especially in such heat. The temperature inside the car can soar in very short time and threaten the child’s life,” A firefighter was quoted as saying at Zhejiang Online. And because of the irresponsible act of the mother, Chinese netizens could not help but be anger at her.

A commentator reportedly said that the woman appears to have loved her car window more than her own son. Another netizen said the mother should not even have left her child alone inside the car. A tougher netizen suggested the mother should then be hit instead of the car window. However, it was not clear if the mother will be jailed for her actions.