Mocha Uson Now Columnist of Philippine Star, But Newspaper President’s Daughter is Very, Very Upset

Regina Belmonte, granddaughter of Philippine Star founder, the late Betty Go-Belmonte, and daughter of the newspaper president Miguel Belmonte, goes beastmode this Sunday, November 6. This is after she learned that Mocha Uson is now a columnist of their family’s newspaper. Read her tweets below, as well as the response of the famous blogger.

“I’m so angry and so disappointed I’m f*ck*ng crying. I have never been more disappointed in my life. My God. THE STAR WAS FOUNDED WITH ‘TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL’ UNDER ITS MASTHEAD. TO HAVE MOCHA USON PEDDLING LIES IN IT IS A DISGRACE TO MY LOLA’S MEMORY.” Regina Belmonte tweeted, who is also a columnist at Philippine Star.

Regina added that she just took a nap ang woke up learning that Mocha Uson was allowed to have a column at Philippine Star, suggesting that she was not informed prior to the decision. According to the newspaper column by Ricky Lo, Moca Uson’s column at Philippine Star will start this Tuesday, November 8 and will be under Op-Ed (Opinion-Editorial) Section.

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As a response, Mocha Uson humbly apologized to Regina Belmonte if she did not like her. She admits not being a journalist, adding that she does not deserve to be a columnist at Philippine Star. Nevertheless, she noted that she will not insist herself if the newspaper decides to change their mind, and that she does not have any bitterness against her.

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On a separate post, Mocha Uson said she decided to accept the offer from Philippine Star because it is a different platform, and she also has two programs via DZRH News. The famous blogger also emphasized that not all mainstream media is biased against President Duterte, and that she has no plans to compete against anyone or any platform.

With more than 4.415 million followers on Facebook, Mocha Uson Blog has currently surpassed the number of followers of Rappler, Inquirer and Philippine Star, which has only 1.4 million. Her blog also lands third, next to GMA News (8.6 million) and ABS-CBN (13.5 million). Therefore, saying that Philippine Star is a bigger platform is not exactly true.