MMDA Launches i-ACT Portal, Where Netizens Can Now Complain About Kotong Cops, Traffic Obstructions

The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) launched this Friday December 2 its online platform for i-ACT (Inter-Agency Council on Traffic), where netizens can now formally complain about corrupt cops and enforcers, stubborn public transport drivers, and all kinds of obstructions on the roads that can add to the worsening traffic in Metro Manila.

According to MMDA Acting Chairman Thomas Orbos, the i-ACT portal (I Will Act) will serve as an online venue for Metro Manila residents to help the government in stopping corruption among traffic enforcers, and in clearing the roads from any obstruction and accident. The project is part of MMDA’s i-ACT program that was launched last August.

Among the road obstructions that netizens can complain about include illegally parked vehicles, illegal loading and unloading, buses with open doors, sidewalk obstructions, illegal terminals, overloaded PUVs, unattended excavation, and garbage-laden waterways. For some problems, the MMDA will coordinate with respective government agencies.

To send complaints, netizens should provide their full name, contact number, e-mail address, date, type of problem, location of incident, and narration of the problem. Complainants can also add videos or photos as proof or supporting evidences. Nevertheless, they will be required to attend hearings as part of filing a case against violators.

As part of its commitment to ease traffic in Metro Manila especially this Christmas season, the i-ACT started implementing the No Window Hours policy last October 17, until January 31, 2017. Under this Unified Volume Vehicular Reduction Program (UVVRP), affected vehicles are prohibited in passing two major roads EDSA and C-5 from 7 am. to 7 pm.

Last November 2, the i-ACT expanded its suspension of ‘window policy,’ adding eighteen (18) more roads in Metro Manila, such as Taft Avenue, Rizal Avenue and South Luzon Expressway (SLEx). In addition, vehicles affected by the number coding scheme are not anymore allowed to travel through the given roads from 7 am. to 8 pm, instead of 7 pm.

Meanwhile, for complaints about kotong cops, stubborn public transport drivers, and traffic obstructions, netizens are invited to visit Be part of the change. Act now!