Mistaken Identity: The Man With Sen Leila de Lima on Viral Photo is Not Ronnie Palisoc Dayan

A photo of Senator Leila de Lima with Ronnie Palisoc Dayan (her alleged driver-lover) is now being spread on social media. As expected, tons of netizens immediately believe that it was really him, and they did not even attempt to do some searching first. But as the said photo went viral, the man who became a victim of mistaken identity came out and reacted.

Meet Roldan Frias Castro, an entertainment columnist at Bulgar, the man who was wearing a blue polo and standing beside Sen de Lima in the viral photo. On his Facebook account, the showbiz reporter said he was shock when he received a lot of messages, telling him that his photo with de Lima is trending, and that people thought he was de Lima’s boyfriend.

“Nawindang ako at napatawa paggising. Wala akong kamalay-malay, pinagpipistahan na pala ang picture namin ni Sen. de Lima na kuha namin nu’ng presscon niya sa movie press.” Roldan Castro wrote, noting that he doesn’t even know how to driver a car because he easily gets nervous, and that he cannot leave the house without a driver.

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Castro, a former president of the Philippine Movie Press Club Inc. (PMPC), is not really mad at netizens who mistakenly identified him as Ronnie Dayan. However, lamented how many Filipino netizens easily believe on everything the see on social media. “Eto namang nasa social media, share nang share nang hindi nagre-research.” The columnist wrote.

Sen Leila de Lima driver wrong photo

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As of posting, no photo of Ronnie Palisoc Dayan has been posted online. Some local news reporters went to Barangay Galarin, Urbiztondo Pangasinan, where the white house that Sen. Leila de Lima alleged bought for her lover is. According to GMA News, the said house is registered at the Municipal Assessor’s Office to a sibling of Ronnie Dayan.

This Wednesday, August 17, President Rodrigo Duterte said in his speech that a lady senator has a driver-lover who is involved in illegal drugs. And although he did not mention Sen. De Lima’s name, the neophyte senator cried foul and said that the president is into character assassination against her. Later, the president said he has evidence to prove his allegations.

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Meanwhile, Roldan Castro said in a recent interview after his photo with Sen. De Lima went viral that he has been receiving threats from angry netizens. This is why we at TN always remind the public be responsible enough to do a research on Google to make sure that what they see on social media is real. After all, not everything posted online is true.