Meet Mang Eugenio Ventura, the Polite Taxi Driver Who Don’t Receive Tip from Passengers

Meet Mang Eugenio Ventura, the polite taxi driver who was offered a generous tip from his passenger but he returned it to him. And yes, he is only one of the many kind Metro Manila taxi drivers in that should receive recognition. His kindness was witnessed by two netizens who couldn’t help but share their wonderful experience with him. Read the two happy stories about him below.

According to a Facebook post by Rommel Lopez on Saturday, January 15, 2016, he rode the taxi of Mang Eugenio from LRT Roosevelt Station to Mother Ignacia Ave. He admitted that at first, he doubt if the taxi driver is really kind. This is when the taxi driver politely told him that he is not choosy in passengers and that he will bring him to anywhere he like.

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Despite the short travel, Lopez learned from Mang Eugenio that his youngest son is a working student will graduate in college soon. The 63-year old taxi driver also told him that he is nice to his passengers simply because this is where he earns a living. But sad to say, he only brought home a P1,200 Christmas bonus from the operator due to many deductions.

And because the taxi driver was so polite and friendly, Lopez decided not to get his change worth P21.50. But he was surprised when Mang Eugenio gave him back the P20 and told him he will just keep the P1.50 as tip, and insisted that this is all he wants. Before he left the taxi, Lopez requested to take a photo of Mang Eugenio so he can share his story on Facebook.

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Eugenio Ventura Polite Taxi DriverEugenio Ventura Kind Taxi Driver

Credit: Rommel Lopez Facebook

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Amazingly, a former passenger of Eugenio Ventura also testified on his kindness. According to Arch Ray Clemente Guarnes, he rode the taxi of Mang Eugenio last May 2015. He said he was at Quezon Ave. that time, but the taxi drivers he encountered told him that they will pass through EDSA because of traffic. Nevertheless, Mang Eugenio did not hesitate to drive for him.

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And just like Lopez, the architect said that Mang Eugenio was so kind and accommodating. During their conversation, the taxi driver told him that he was once dreamed of being a professional pilot. When he arrived on their destination, Lopez told him that he can keep the P75 change as tip. Mang Eugenio immediately returned it to him, but Guarnes insisted it.

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The taxi driver’s sincerity in his job did not only gained praises from the netizens. Some of them are also asking for his cellphone number. But because Mang Eugenio has no cellphone, Rommel Lopez shared the contact number of his operator, Ma. Erlinda Paglinawan of Monariel Transport, 361-2985 and 0906-447-1944. The address is 339 Gem 5 Road, Baesa, Quezon City.

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