McDonalds’ Customer Tells Manager He Will Slap His Face Over Minion Collectibles Promo

Minions collectibles

A customer of McDonald’s apparently loves to collect Minion toys, and he’s willing to hurt anyone just to have them. According to a post on the Facebook page of Trigger-Archie Burgos dela Torre this Friday, July 3, he told the store manager that he will slap his face if he will not sell him the entire Minion collectibles.

“Is this the policy of your store or you want my slap policy if you don’t provide me all your collectible minions?” Archie dela Torre wrote on his Facebook page. This is his response to the McDonald’s store manager when he said they are running out of stock. The policy of McDonald’s states that “only 3 Minion toys per customer.”

“I don’t care! Kaya nga purchase di ba? Kasi may pambili. If you will not give me all of that, I assure you that my palm will touch your face.” Dela Torre added. And because he thought that the manager got scared on being slapped on his face, he hurried to get the Minion collectibles and gave them to him.

The rude customer also included a photo of his alleged Minion collectibles at the last part of his post. However, the said photo is very similar of the photo posted at a report of Inquirer last Thursday, titled “Minions Taking Over McDonald’s.” Apparently, The Facebook page of Trigger-Archie Burgos dela Torre is now deactivated.

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McDonalds customer slap manager Minions

The name of the McDonald’s store manager was not mentioned, as well as the branch where dele Torre visited. Nevertheless, the screenshot of his post was shared and reached the Facebook page of Senyora Santibanez, where it received tons of criticisms. It appears that dela Torre is gay, and his action was condemned by the LGBT community.

“You are a disgrace to all Hiligaynons and Ilonggos. You are a dismay that is waiting to happen and has already happened to the LGBT community. Most of all, I bet your forefathers, all living and dead, are ashamed of this attitude.” A certain Erjee Blanco commented, adding that Archie is living a “nonsensical, immature, and meaningless earth life.”

Apparently, the incident comes a day after a certain Facebook user named Jay Bee admitted that he intentionally delayed the arrival of a Jollibee delivery crew so he can save P200. According to him, the poor crew arrived on time on his condo unit, but he did not answer the call of the receptionist, and therefor the delivery was 1 minute late.

The abusive Jollibee customer was identified as a doctor who graduated from Ateneo de Manila University and currently living in Bagiuo City. And just like Archie dela Torre, he also received tons of criticisms from netizens, especially that the P200 will be charged to the poor delivery crew. If this story is true, then shame on Jay Bee.

For Archie dela Torre, if he can sleep well at night, then he has a huge problem. It means he needs to see a psychiatrist. His obsession to Minions has affected his personality and character. For the manager of Mcdonald’s, I think that he is not afraid of the abusive customer. In fact, we salute him for his patience.

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