Mar Roxas’ SOCE is Late Because Some Campaign Donors Fear Duterte Administration, Report Says

Roxas DU30

As of posting, LP’s presidential bet, Mar Roxas has not yet submitted his Statement of Contributions and expenditures (SOCE). But while many Filipinos are criticizing Roxas, a report says that Roxas’ SOCE is late because some of his businessmen-donors are afraid that the incoming Duterte administration might get back to them.

“According to the businessman, he did give money to Roxas during the recent campaign. Most deep-pocketed individuals, after all, contribute to the campaigns of candidates for high national office, many of whom come calling in the run-up to an election seeking their “blessing.”’ Jojo Robles wrote in his column at The Standard this Tuesday, June 14.

“But while this election investor gave to Roxas, he refuses to sign any document declaring that he did. “Why would I, when that would mean that I could be pursued by Duterte, his people or even my competitors for the next six years?” the businessman said.” Robles added, noting other Roxas campaign contributors have the same fear.

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The Standard columnist did not name the said businessman, but mentioned that he is based in Manila. Nevertheless, the unnamed businessman purportedly went to Davao City three times and attempted to talk with President-elect Rodrigo Duterte. But after waiting for long hours, his request was allegedly denied for unknown reasons.

“It’s just that they (Roxas campaign contributors) will never reveal that they did so, for fear of political retribution,” The businessman was quoted in the report, concluding that these businessmen hesitated to sign the form given out by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) because they want to hide their identity and their donation amount.

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The report was published on the same day that the Liberal Party (LP) submitted its Statement of Contributions and expenditures (SOCE) at the Commission on Elections’ (Comelec) main office in Manila. The party reported P241.097 million for the campaign of all its candidates, where P60 million of the expenditures came from its current members.

For Vice President-elect Leni Robredo, she already has submitted her SOCE last June 8, declaring P423 million in contributions, including P17 million donations in kind. Kris Aquino, being her top donor, donated a total amount of P30.8 million. The incoming vice president also reported P418,6 million in her nationwide campaign expenditures.

As we all know, Roxas and LP have earlier requested the Comelec for a 14-day extension for the submission of SOCEs. But despite accepting the late SOCE of LP, the polling body is still set to evaluate if their request will be granted. This is after the Comelec announced that they will be strict in the 30-day deadline, which was last June 8.