LP Congressman Plans to Revive Proposed 4-Year Term for President, VP, But Can Run For Reelection

A lawmaker at the House of the Representatives from the Liberal Party (LP) is now planning to revive the earlier proposal of shortening the term of president and vice president from six years to four years. If this becomes a law, then both President Rodrigo Duterte and Vice President Leni Robredo will sit until 2020 only, instead of 2022.

“Yes, there is such a plan for that. The draft of the said resolution is now almost done.” An insider from the House who requested not to be identified tells TN. “He might formally announce it within next week, and will probably be tackled on the floor before the month ends.” The insider added, noting that she has no authority to reveal more details about it.

The insider wouldn’t even tell us as to whom she is working for, so we decided to do some research as to who could probably have thought about it. We learned that back in August 2014, Caloocan City Rep. Edgar Erice said he would propose a similar resolution. That time, the president and vice president are Noynoy Aquino and Jejomar Binay, respectively.

Based on Rep. Erice’ then supposed proposal, the term of the next president, vice president, senators, and congressmen shall only be 4 years. However, the president and vice president will be allowed to run for re-election. It also means that the incumbent senators whose term shall end in 2019 will be extended for another one year, until 2020.

“Let’s see, anything can happen. You can never tell in politics, anyway, I’m just one member of the House. There’s no campaign yet for lifting of term limits, but many are in favor. Some are in favor but don’t want the Constitution to be amended.” Erice said at that time. He was then one of the few LP congressmen who wanted a second term for Aquino.

Nevertheless, the ruling party now is PDP-Laban (President Duterte’s political party). The number of LP lawmakers has greatly reduced, and Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan is now the acting president because VP Robredo has declined the position. So is Philippines now ready for a 4-year term president, vice president, and lawmakers? You judge.